Can there be peace in the Labor Party? – V.G.

Can there be peace in the Labor Party?  - V.G.

By Sofie Aglen Tone


It seems easier to create peace in the world than the Labor Party. Paradoxically, the resignation of Hadia Tajik could have contributed to the wounded party not finding peace, so at least casual clashes and power struggles could ensue.

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The fall of two representatives of the AP, Trond Giske and Hadia Tajik, did little or nothing to each other. One will watch the ghosts in broad daylight to make Kiskay’s old supporters co-responsible for Tajik’s 15 – year – old passenger homes and tax havens. Things were different, but the Tajiks fell for their own mistakes, just as Kiske did in his time.

Yet it spins together. It was like “Tell me which side you were on in the Kiske case and I will tell you what you think about Hadia Tajik”. In Labor, this has been a defining conflict to the extent that it affects everything and everyone. The suspicion of has grown stronger on the outside. Demons are found everywhere, wherever they are. They trusted each other with very vague motives, for example, dialect and with whom they are friends.

Someone has created Facebook groups of all seriousness, such as “Giske Supporters” and “Support Group for Trond Giske”.

But the content of the conflict will be exaggerated. While Tajik is not particularly popular in Trondheim, this is more than his role in the Battle of Kiske. Both politics and personal chemistry play out. He is also a type of politician who has no great attraction to Trondola. Like a politician like Labor vice-president Bjனர்rn Schjrn, he goes to more homes than Oscar and Baram in northern Norway and the districts.

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On the other hand, it does not take a very well-developed imagination to imagine that some of Kiske’s supporters are happy that Tajik is over in this situation. Check out the support groups mentioned. His role in this case provoked many. In particular, the legendary statement “I act as a person, deputy and lawyer” caught on.

In recent weeks, the inbox has been overflowing with people who act precisely as “lawyers” in Tajik’s apartment. To many, leaving what appeared to be her tax evasion seemed completely incomprehensible.

In the end it may be a reason for them to act so badly. At the same time, the way it is handled is, to put it mildly, startling. She may have reasons unknown to us, but overall, the manipulation helped break her credibility.

There are many ways to understand the role of Jonas Gahr Støre. Many responded that he had expressed very clear faith in Tajik as vice president. Last week, criticizing Tajik in public was not popular at the party. Some wondered how naive the store that held hands with her was.

You can also see that the store has provided time and space for Tajik. She has the idea that she chose to retire. Maybe in the end she had no choice, but it was not the store that removed her in public. This may have reassured Tajik supporters as well. They will definitely lick their wounds, but the store can’t be blamed for what happened.

Store received the same criticism before Kiske resigned as vice president after the Meadow lawsuits. Some thought the store had gone too far over time and had not set foot in time. Even then, he was described as naive and deceptive. Others felt that Kiske did not have enough time to present a version of his case.

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Both sides were very dissatisfied with the boss’ handling.

Absurd and backward, the departure of the Tajiks will contribute to a kind of balance. The two delegates who stand as symbols of their outer wings in the hot battle are gone. Although it is tragic that the party lost another talented politician at the top, it could at best give a fresh start.

There will be no peace and harmony in the Labor Party in the future. But it would have been a great improvement if there had been only “normal” conflicts and power struggles, without the toxic environment that has pervaded the party for years.

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