May 19, 2022


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Can you see the frame? – Etavision

At the same time with the new company Galaxy A models. They have also launched new models of Neo QLED, Lifestyle and OLED TV.

We expect it to be expensive, but there are no prices available yet

The Samsung QN900B is depicted in the article, and while it’s probably a reason to have nature both on the screen and in the background (to further reduce frames with an optical illusion), we can barely see any frames on this.

There are a few details in the press release, such as the full specifications, but the company reveals that there are three new series in the 2022 QLED 8K series: the QN900, QN800 and QN700 — all of which will be available in screen sizes from 55″ to 85″.

Viewers can experience rich detail in 8K thanks to the AI-powered Neural Quantum Processor 8K. With Samsung’s growing 8K ecosystem, users can easily connect the new Galaxy S22 to play their 8K content on the Samsung Neo QLED 8K display.


Samsung QN900B.

Samsung has supplied them with a MiniLED

The TVs are equipped with miniLED which Samsung believes delivers “amazing contrast and brightness” because it is “1/40 smaller than standard LEDs for greater intensity and dramatically improved contrast when combined with the Neural Quantum Processor 8K.”

A movie has also been added to avoid reflections on the screen:

“To further improve performance, there is a new 14-bit anti-glare light control to reduce glare and scattering.”

It’s also possible to send 8K content you shot to Neo QLED 8K displays.

Samsung S95B is a QD-OLED TV.