Can’t comment on construction of Northern Norway route before 2025 – VG

Can't comment on construction of Northern Norway route before 2025 - VG
Stop in the North: The long-running controversy over the northern Norwegian line is not over. It says stop at Fauske yet, and has no contact north of Tromsø. Image from Oteråga station.

As is well known, the new government will study the northern Norwegian tax. Transport Minister John-Ever Niegard (Labor) insists that if they really want to build it, they will only respond in 2025.


The Labor Party has now seized the offices of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Oslo. The new government, along with the central party, has promised to study the northern Norwegian line.

But there will not be a shovel on the ground in the direction of Tromsø immediately. Both the investigation and the answer to whether it is actually carried out will take time.

– The government will not make a recommendation until the national transport plan is presented, says Transport Minister VG.

This will happen in 2025. Now the first item on the plan is to decide whether the Northern Norway line will receive its own statement or accept one that is already active.

First: How to investigate

Responsibility for the conceptual examination study of traffic solutions throughout northern Norway has been given to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which will be completed by the summer of 2023.

– We have stated that there will be a separate opinion poll study (KVU) for the Northern Norway line. Since then work has begun with KVU for transport across northern Norway. What we need to make sure is that there may be a good enough basis to say that we have a KVU in the Northern Norway line. We may have to look at the order there a little bit, Nichard points out.

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– What you are considering is that the order should be slightly attached or extended there, so are you hitting two birds with one stone?

– Yes, or if it is enough. We know that processes are underway, so the Minister of Transport responds that we need to make sure that there is sufficient basis to take a stand on the Northern Norway Line project.

New Role: Former Frederickstadt Mayor John-Iver Nicard (Labor Party) is the new Minister of Transport in Norway. There has been controversy over the formation of the northern Norwegian line on his lap.

– So, the people of Northern Norway who wonder what this will look like will not have an answer until 2025?

– They will not receive a response until the National Transport Plan is presented. Then they will know what the government wants, and then when June (2025 journ.anm.) Comes you will know what Storting wants, Nygård responds.

– When is the Northern Norway Line Real?

– After we have completed these reports, the Minister of Transport and Communications responds.

– You have not promised a path to the people of Northern Norway, you have promised to investigate. What if it is decided that it is too expensive and not socio-economically profitable?

– Yes, it’s part of the rating basis we need to look at, but I do not want to end in advance. I don’t know what the report will look like when we come to the play, Labor responds.

– Finished with Previous report?

– Yes, but the world is changing, not stable, so the Minister of Transport answers that things may change.

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Emphasizes: – Not to say we are under construction

– The Østfold line is an eternal project that will never be completed. As Norway struggles to get a dual carriageway to Donsberg, how realistic is it to promise a route to the people of northern Norway, with constant rapid clay and price cracks?

– Now we are told to read the opinion poll. We were told we had to reach the goal, but we were not told we were in the process of building it. Nicard says we will investigate it first and then the inquiry will show what can actually be done.

– Do you think this is enough for your voters in northern Norway?

– Voters have to respond to what they feel, but we are very clear on what we are going to do. We will have a feedback study, and we aim to build the Northern Norway Line, but we are not saying there is a “quick way” to build it. Like other projects, this one has to go through a process, the transport minister insists.

Previous studies It has been pointed out that it is expensive and not socio-economically profitable. Even if a new study comes to the same conclusion, can you still be ready to create it?

– Then there will be a political debate in government about what kind of priorities we should have. There are many transportation projects in Norway that do not come exactly from that profit area. But there may be other reasons why you may want to bring a community development to a region, which will make you choose to invest. But I won’t finish it until we finish that process, Nicard responds.

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