Cardboard Ice Spoon – Don’t Disappear

Cardboard Ice Spoon - Don't Disappear

Since October 2021, Tine has been using a cardboard spoon as a temporary solution, after deciding to remove all plastic spoons from their products.

They tested too Wooden spoon has been subjected to a lot of criticism Same time last year.

But there are still some Tine products delivered using a cardboard “origami spoon,” a full year after the new solution was launched.

It sparked strong reactions last year and many people allowed themselves to be angered by the particular incident:


— There have been challenges with getting enough bamboo spoons for all of our products, but we’re close to 100 percent now and we’ll be there through the fall, Tyne press officer Ingrid Willberg-Arnesen tells DinSide.

But not all products will get the new bamboo spoon.

“For oatmeal, this product will also come with a cardboard spoon in the future, because we require a lid with muesli and a cardboard spoon together,” she says.

new spoon: We received two versions of Tine’s new bamboo spoon, and tested them. Video: Malin Reader Nielsen Janssen. Reporter: Embla Hjort-Larsen / Øystein B. Fossum
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Plastic Reduction Measures

Regarding the Regulations (SUP Directive) on Single-use Plastics that came into effect on July 3, 2021, Tine has launched new and more sustainable solutions:

– Tine is actively working to reduce the use of plastic, and new rules are speeding up this work. By replacing plastic spoons with new bamboo spoons, we will reduce annual plastic consumption by 90 tons, Bjorn Malm, head of sustainability at Tine, wrote in an email to DinSide last year.

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