Carew accepts tax fraud conviction – 14 months in prison

Carew accepts tax fraud conviction - 14 months in prison

The former football star was sentenced to 14 months in conditional prison terms for grossly negligent tax fraud between 2014 and 2019.

Ecocrime information In a press release They will not appeal the verdict on Wednesday. Attorney Berit Reiss-Andersen, Garwin’s defense attorney, explains N DP said that they also did not appeal against the verdict.

– Glad the court believed he wasn’t acting with intent. He chooses to accept the sentence and move on with his life, Reyes-Anderson wrote in a text message to NTB.

As a result, Carew will serve 14 months in prison.

Not happy with the entire verdict

Økokrim had originally sought a two-year prison sentence for Care. They make it clear that they are not satisfied with everything in the judgment.

– but he has been sentenced to a long prison term for gross tax evasion. Based on the overall assessment, we have decided not to appeal the verdict, says Marianne Bender, the first public prosecutor in Okogrim.

First public prosecutor Marianne Bender says that Økokrim is not satisfied with everything in the judgment, but after an overall assessment they choose not to appeal. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP

Økokrim believed the former football star and property investor had evaded NOK 5.4 million in tax over six years. During these years, Carew formally resided in Great Britain, but he spent most of his time in Norway, which triggered a tax liability.

Penalty waived

The Oslo District Court convicted him of failing to declare taxable income of approximately NOK 12.8 million and assets of NOK 307 million. The court ruled that Carev must be taxed in Norway on all of its income and assets during the litigation period.

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Økokrim asked Care to be sentenced to two years in prison, but his sentence was reduced after he made an unreserved confession in court.

When the verdict was handed down, Reiss-Andersen said she believed Økokrim had overreacted in the case.

– After his unreserved confession, the case should have gone as a confessional case, the judgment asserted, adding that the case has caused unnecessary use of public resources to society and public burden caused to Care, he said.

Explained to the court

When Carew explained himself from the witness box at the Oslo District Court, he explained his financial situation throughout his football career and how the football clubs organized his life, while paying taxes.

– From the age of 17 to the age of 32, this device was around me, and it was expanding more and more, said Carew, who is his friend, lawyer and business partner, Per A. He also said that Flat handled everything. Liaison with the Swedish Tax Agency.

– The trust I showed him, he earned. He is someone my family and I look forward to. He called me his illegitimate son. He is my backup dad. That confidence didn’t come overnight, Carew said.

Flod told DN earlier this month that he thought the case was tragic and the sentence undeserved. When asked what he thought of his own role, he replied:

– I don’t know what the wrong advice must have been. Not being able to keep track of how long John was in Norway and England was something I couldn’t do anything about, Flatt said.

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