December 4, 2022


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Carlsen unsure if Karjacken will be ruled out |  News letters

Carlsen unsure if Karjacken will be ruled out | News letters

norwegian world champion confirms in an interview with VG Monday he strongly disagrees with Karjakin in his views on the hostilities in Ukraine.

Many Russians who previously supported Putin or did not say anything about him chose to turn around and say that now Putin has gone too far. Kargkin went the other way. He has increased his support for Putin. This kind of situation cannot be acceptedsays Carlsen to the newspaper.

The opponent is forced out, and at the same time he is more than sure what he should think. Carlsen notes that the situation is difficult to assess because it is so new.

– Of course I do not agree with Karjakin on anything, but is it right to exclude people from opinions that we do not tolerate? I’m not sure. The chess star, who says Karjakin now has things he wants, could pay off at a difficult time, but you also set a precedent for what might come later.

– He wants to be a martyr for the Western “sanctions tyranny”. Now he’s allowed to tell this story at home – and that’s working fine there. We help him with this willingly. We left him what he wanted. I don’t know if that’s good or not, I’m not sureCarlsen tells VG.

Karjakin supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine and clearly stated his views.

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