Carlson does not recognize himself in the Norwegian debate:

Carlson does not recognize himself in the Norwegian debate:

Frida Carlson has followed the debate in Norway about weight and eating disorders in cross-country skiing.

There it was used aggressively because cross-country skiing is a sick sport.

– I have followed what is written in Norway, and many of those interviewed have been talking about the situation for several years. I can at least say that we in our team are open about this. It creates a sense of security that I think is important, says the favorite cross-country Swede on TV 2.

Is this a challenge to this balance between getting more exercise and getting enough nutrition?

– Yes, it is clear, but we have good medical experts around us, and I feel that I am gaining more and more knowledge.

Do you feel in control of your situation?

– Yes, I learned a lot from what happened three years ago. It’s never important to empty completely and make sure at all times you’re getting enough nutrition, Carlson says.

have in the past Denied start After failing the health examination.

It can’t be that the net in volleyball has to be lower for me to succeed

It’s scary to read about

Ebba Andersson is also surprised by the wording in Norway.

Cross-country skiing isn’t just about making it easy to go up a hill as fast as you can, she says.

Swedish cross-country coach Anders Bystrom was a former Norway coach and is closely following what is happening in the neighboring country.

It was scary to read about conditions in the 80s. However, cross-country skiing is not a sick sport. But like all other major sports, we “push” the limits. Bystrom explains that in our teams, we talk openly about food and weight.

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Men talk openly about weight. women no

Carlson goes to a ski tour

The Swedish Ski Association has been invited to an information day in Val Senalis, Italy today. But there was no Frida Carlson. I have dropped to stay on the rise. On her Instagram account, she justified it with a fear of heights.

– But if you’re going to the Olympics, you probably won’t be afraid of heights.

No, it was just a joke.

– But you are above this height, stay and train with Maja Dalqvist, I know?

– Yes, I found out that it is the best for me now.

– The competition plan for the Olympics?

– It will be the World Cup and the “Tour de Ski”?

– Johog is in charge of the tour…

– Yes, I think it’s good to run the tour.

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