Carol Baskin Sues Netflix – VG

Carol Baskin Sues Netflix - VG
TIGER LOVES: Carole Baskin is one of the main characters in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”.

“Tiger King” star Carol Baskin is suing Netflix over footage used in the second season of the popular series.


It’s reports TMZ.

Carol Baskin is 58, an animal welfare activist and the woman behind Big Cat Rescue.

The first season of “Tiger King” swept the world that shut down the pandemic by storm when it was launched on streaming service Netflix.

It is believed that manufacturers have changed reality

Baskin is said to have set foot in it after producers of a sequel to the popular series “harassed” her and “changed reality,” she claims.

In the lawsuit, it explained that the recordings in use are now only unused material from the first season, and that Netflix is ​​using those recordings to make it look as if they did new interviews for the sequel.

She also believes that she was portrayed as a villain in the first season. In particular, she believes the documentary made it seem as if she was responsible for the disappearance of her husband, Don Lewis.

Want to remove it from season two

Now she’s going to court to have her footage removed from both episodes and promotional material for the new season, according to TMZ.

The series premieres on November 17.

Watch the new season trailer here:

Joe Exotic jailed for attempted murder

In the first season, she was a competitor to tiger breeder Joe Exotic. Or Joseph Maldonado Passage – as he is already called.

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The last was in January of last year He was sentenced to 22 years in prison Attempting to kill a professional killer Baskin competitor.

He was also convicted of a number of violations of the Endangered Species Act, including the killing of five tigers.

Previously, Baskin Beat Exotic in court, and seized the right to the whole large area and the zoo for which the latter lived and breathed.

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