Caroline Naughton's boyfriend makes her undergo the procedure

Caroline Naughton's boyfriend makes her undergo the procedure

RUHPOLDING (VG) Caroline Naughten (28) has found love with fellow German Philipp Neurath (30) – and she doesn't think it will go unnoticed!


– I feel like someone comments on it every day, in one way or another. Men today just “are the in-laws in place, are the in-laws in their place?”. “I'll have to deal with that. The advantage is that I feel good, and then I don't care — and that's delicious,” Naughten says.

Earlier this season it was through the government channel NRC It is known that she and Germain Norrat became lovers. He's from Bayern, where the World Cup is now being held in Ruppholding – and Johnny Arnicliffe joins in on the joke:

-This is her second home! She jokes about Knotten.

Both Knotten and Nawrath have had a great start to the season while also claiming the leader's yellow jersey in Östersund.

– The (private) front is in a very good position. He's very laid back, he's a nice guy and we get along well together. “We have a lot of fun together,” Naughton says.

It wasn't Likes He was satisfied with two misses in the prone shot and a 25th place finish in the sprint in Ruhpolding on Friday.

I'm working on it

The 28-year-old had previously said that they had found the tune after a long time.FlashingFlashingWhen you're standing at opposite ends of the bar, for example, and stealing glances from each other.», But he acknowledges that it is a transitional stage for the relationship to be discussed in the newspapers.

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-We work on it a little, we warm up. It's completely new to us as far as the whole media piece. There are a lot of people on the team who have girlfriends, but not everyone has a photo in the newspaper together, Naughton says — though there will now be a new photo in the newspaper together.

The fact that her friend is also a biathlete can also be an advantage — they speak the same language, she says. Although sometimes they have to agree that now we are not talking about biathlon.

“But sometimes I can get a report and advice, and someone who only understands you when you're depressed,” she says.

Autumn colours: held in his own apartment in Lillehammer, during an interview with VG this fall.

good mood!

Other female athletes also live a little through Notton during the day.

– It's too sweet. She doesn't talk about anything else – there's only one thing on her mind, and that's the German, says Johnny Arnycliffe, jokingly.

She thinks it's easier to extract things from Knotten these days.

– We are a very good team during the day – It is very fun to be on tour, good atmosphere and a lot of nonsense at our expense and at the expense of others, says Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold – winner on Friday.

Tandrevold – who, along with other women on the team, has previously been reviewed by men to choose a boyfriend – says she is a champion of having a good time in life, to perform in the sport in this way.

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“Caroline is in a very good mood during the day, and we other girls really appreciate that,” says Tandrevold.

Promising to soar to new heights: Ingrid Landmark Tandrifold won the sprint race on Friday, and joined the entire team in cheering afterward.

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