Carp tickets were distributed free of charge. Now it is offered on the black market for 1200 NOK

Carp tickets were distributed free of charge.  Now it is offered on the black market for 1200 NOK

(Northern Lights) – They just have to start over. This didn’t work at all.

That’s what politician Rudit Jens Engwald Olsen tells Nordlees. He was one of several thousand who did not get a ticket to Gloud who ran out of tickets for Sparebanken Nord-Norge on September 24.

On stage are the artists Karpe, Dagny, ISÁK, RSP & Thomax. There is room for 20,000 spectators in the center of Tromsø.

The comment section of the local Nordlys newspaper, on the issue of the sold-out concert, is beginning to boil. Many people criticize the fact that it was possible to order several tickets with the same booking link. This was a contributing factor to thousands not getting a ticket.

It aroused great resentment and commitment in the local community.

There are many family members who sit down and think they’re going to get a ticket to a great concert and feel cheated, says Olsen.

black market trading

The politician thinks the whole thing is an invitation to engage in the black market trade.

If the bank thinks people will give up their tickets, they are too naive, he says.

He is right about that. It is true that no tickets have been put up for sale on, but many people have announced that they want to buy.

I’m excited about how the bank intends to avoid black market trading, says Olsen.

Nordlys contacted those who posted tickets, with one saying she was offered a 1,200 NOK ticket.

– She writes: – It is so sick that so many people sit with 20 tickets and sell them at that price.

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Free tickets were released for two rounds on Friday, one at 09.00 and the other at 18.00.

– I would encourage the bank to do this again, since no people lost their money considering this should be a free event. Olsen says that didn’t work at all.

– It’s illegal

Stein Vidar Loftus is Director of Communications at Sparebanken Nord-Norge. He confirms that there are tickets for sale on social media from private individuals.

– This is illegal. You can’t post tickets for sale above face value, says communications director Loftås.

Earlier on Friday, Loftas told Nordlees that the bank was aware that black market sales could become a problem.

– We’re ready for that, but it’s a bit difficult to know how to deal with it. He adds that services like Finn already have systems in place to prevent this type of sale.

When asked if the entire ticket sale should be carried out again, Loftus replied as follows:

– Many are disappointed now. This will necessarily be the case when he wants 70,000 tickets, and there is space for only 20,000. So we must not forget that a lot of people are very happy too! A few of them behaved poorly, but the vast majority of tickets went to people who only did what they were supposed to do. It would be very unfair to them if the cards were dealt again. So I think we should leave this ball dead, says Loftus.

Clearly not illegal

Bjorn Halvor Weckstein is a lawyer in Tromsø. It is believed that it is not clear that the ongoing sale is illegal.

– If the bank had taken 1 kroner in the first stage, it would have secured itself against resale. Then the law will have entered into force. He adds that selling the gift is an ethical issue, but what is happening now is not affected by the wording of the law NRK.

Violation of the black market law in Norway also does not result in any criminal penalty. In Denmark, you can be fined if you engage in resale.

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