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When the historic building in the trailer was moved upstairs, it began to slip.

That’s the newspaper Intrinsic The case was first mentioned.

– The carpentry workshop is a bit brittle, so we have not confirmed it enough to withstand this action, says Ingert Ecken, department manager at Stickelstadt.

The building is part of an old apartment building where both the residential house and the workshop are planned to be converted to stiletto.

– The carpentry workshop is unique in its environment and as a museum we always want to take care of the original buildings, says Eken.

Considering the reconstruction

Due to the poor condition of the building and the failed attempt of relocation, a new assessment will now be made as to how it can be moved.

New Assessment: Stiglastat’s department manager, Ingert Eken, will now consider other ways to move the building.

Photo: Tariq Alisub / NRK

– We want to move the original building, but it should not be at the expense of life and health, says Egan.

He says resolving the relocation is a top priority. If this is not possible, the reconstruction of the building will be considered.

– A tremendous amount of work has been done with the building’s documents, allowing us to tell the story of the house regardless of whether the original is available.

There are some similar buildings

The old carpentry workshop is undergoing a security process and is one of the few buildings in Norway.

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– Ingwaltson’s carpentry workshop is a rare good representative of such workshops. We are now embarking on a safety process to protect the workshop environment. One defense is the preservation and renovation of buildings, says Anne Bjர்க்rk Svestod, division head of the division’s cultural monuments. Trentlock County Municipality.

The workshop was built in 1914 by carpenter Peter Inwaltson, according to the Municipality of Trondheim County. Among other things, he was involved in restoring the interior of Stiglestod Church in 1930 to mark the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Stieglestodt.

This workshop was important in training carpenters in Vertal and Inhert at one time.

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