Casper Rudd excels in the first match in Rome: Arthur Renderknech played

Casper Rudd excels in the first match in Rome: Arthur Renderknech played
Won: Casper Road on the cobbles in Rome on Friday night.

(Casper Ruud – Arthur Rinderknech 6–4, 6–0) Casper Ruud (24) completely outlasted his opponent with a massive second set on clay in Rome. Rudd won eight straight matches.


It was number four for 89 in the world i Italian Open ChampionshipItalian Open ChampionshipIt is also called the Masters of Rome. It is the ATP 1000 tournament, that is, at the second highest level in tennis, only the Grand Slam is greater. . The start was smooth, and Rudd didn’t get the rebounds to sit out completely. It looked like an even match. That was wrong. One hour and one second later, it was over and out of France for Arthur Rindercknik.

Because at the end of the first set, Rudd thanked the team and never looked back. And mother Laila, friend Maria Gallijani and father coach Christian Rudd can clap and smile in the stands.

Rudd went from 4-4 in the first set to win 6-4. In the second set, Rudd didn’t take several minutes to lead 4-0. In the fifth match, Rinderknech showed that there was life in him after all, but Roode took his serve home after some jitters. In the sixth game, he threw a huge stop ball, just to emphasize his superiority:

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One Italian Open ATP 1000 ChampionshipATP 1000 ChampionshipWinning a Grand Slam awards 2,000 points in the ATP rankings, which is the world ranking in tennis. Winning the ATP 1000 gives 1000 points. In addition, there are ATP 500 and ATP 250 tournaments, which give the number of points that the tournament refers to. It is one of the largest tournaments behind the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Then he met once before. Rudd went 6-3, 7-6 on clay in Kitzbühel in 2021.

Thanks for the match: France’s Arthur Renderknech (TV) had no chance against Casper Ruud in the Italian capital on Friday night.

Rudd will meet Alexander Bublik of Kazakhstan in the next round. They’ve met five times, with Rudd winning four of those matches.

Ruud won the ATP 250 Open in Portugal, but in meeting the biggest tournaments (ATP 500 and ATP 1000) on clay, it got tough. Ruud was knocked out in the second match at the Monte Carlo Masters, the same thing happened in Barcelona, ​​just before he was knocked out in the first game at the Madrid Open:

But things changed for Ruud in Rome last year, too. Then he played until the semifinals of the Rome Masters, where he was completely defeated by the world number one Novak Djokovic.

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Casper Rudd on Downturns: – What Am I Doing Wrong?

Casper Rudd (24) expected a decline after last year’s dream season, but it came surprisingly and a bit hard.

Rudd’s last tournament before the French Open is the Geneva Open, which starts on May 21. Rudd won that ATP 250 Championship last year.

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– We believe big things can happen in the next few weeks and we are working hard towards the goal of doing well in Rome and the French Open, coach Christian Ruud told VG before the match on Friday.

The French Open starts on May 27.


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