Catalin Miho, Aislinn Guttormsen | “Shall We Dance” – Catalin Miho reveals an unexpected career path

Catalin Miho, Aislinn Guttormsen |  “Shall We Dance” – Catalin Miho reveals an unexpected career path

On Thursday, a number of the country's top celebrities gathered to attend a party organized by fashion magazine Elle.

Before the ceremony, among others, the “Shall we dance” duo Aislinn Guttormsen (37 years old) and Katalin Miho (28 years old) made a trip to the red carpet to speak to the press, where they could reveal that the former's outfits were specially designed for the evening.

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At the same time, they can tell that Guttormsen's custom-made dress was not made by anyone, but by Katalin Miho.

“I designed it and my mother sewed it,” he says proudly to Netavisin on the red carpet.

Inspired by dance

Miho is known to most as a professional dancer in “Shall We Dance,” but now she hopes to also become an established designer.

-He has some hidden talents. Now he will start his own store, Castellano Couture, selling wedding dresses. “Then we have to show what he can do,” Guttormsen says proudly of his girlfriend.

Miho can say that he brings a lot of his upbringing and dance career to the design process.

-I fell in love with designing dresses. My mother has been a seamstress for many years – so I think I picked up some of this from her, as the profile says “Shal vi danse” about the interest.

– Not the least of which is dancing. There, we're very interested in how women dress, and I'm very interested in them feeling good. “She's my alpha and omega,” he adds.

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At the same time, it is no secret that the timing of this year's “Shall We Dance” break made it easier to realize the dream.

-It suits me well, Miho smiles.

More sparkle and sparkle

Initially, Miho focuses on wedding dresses, before eventually wanting to make festive dresses for special occasions.

Iselin Guttormsen has great confidence in her boyfriend's new career path:

-The Balkan region is characterized by a lot of glitz and glamor, while the Scandinavian style is more simple and simple. “So it's trying to go beyond both a little bit, and we need that in Norway,” she says.

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– Maybe Iselin needs a wedding dress, Katalin?

“He should propose first,” Guttormsen says quickly with a sly smile.

When asked if there was something she was waiting for, Guttormsen replied that she was happy with the relationship as it is today, but she plans to spend the rest of her life with Miho.

-I have everything I want in life. But when you find the man of your dreams, it's nice to have a ring, a smile.

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