Catch up on Wall Street | Finansavisen

Catch up on Wall Street |  Finansavisen

On Friday, all three major indices started the day down between 0.5 and 1 percent. During the day, the decline subsided, and one of the three indices ended the day marginally higher.

The Nasdaq, which started the day down 1 percent, ended down 0.2 percent at 13,290.78. The Dow Jones index closed down 0.08 percent at 34,501.55, while the Standard & Poor’s Index fell by 0.01 percent, at 4,370.04.

Thus, the Nasdaq and the Standard & Poor’s 500 experienced four consecutive days of decline. The Nasdaq ended the week down nearly 3 percent, while the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones ended the week down about 2 percent.

For the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, this week’s decline marked the third straight week of declines. This is the longest weekly decline since December and February, respectively.

The market is now looking ahead to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech next week, he wrote to Reuters. Investors hope that Powell will give hints about further development of the interest rate.


The Vix, also called the fear index, rose 5.6 percent on Thursday. Friday started the day up more than 5 percent, but eventually ended down 3.91 percent to 17.19.

The price of a barrel of crude oil rose by 1.13 percent to 81.3 percent.

The 10-year government interest rate ended the day marginally lower by 0.06 percent to 4.251 percent. On Thursday, it rose to its highest level since October 2022.


Defense and energy stocks were the best performers on Friday. Exxon Mobil rose 1.5 percent, while Chevron rose 0.7 percent. Lockheed Martin shares rose 0.7 percent.

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Shipping company Tidewater rose 3.14 percent. International Seawise and Valaris, which is dominated by John Frederiksen, rose 1.41 percent and 1 percent, respectively.

Tractor manufacturer Deere & Co increased its sales volume in the second quarter by 12 percent year-over-year, and General Manager John C. May expects good market conditions ahead as well. However, the share decreased by 5.6 percent.

Today’s winner was investment bank Freedom Holding, which rose 25 percent. Earlier this week, the bank became the target of a brief attack from Hindenburg Research, over its operations in Russia.

FAANG shares in Meta (Facebook), Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (Google) moved in different directions on Friday.

  • Meta shares fell 0.24 percent to 284.41 points.
  • Amazon shares fell 0.13 percent to 133.81 points.
  • Apple shares rose 0.48 percent to 174.84 points.
  • Netflix shares rose 0.45% to 404.83 points.
  • Alphabet shares fell 1.78 percent to 127.61 points.


The cryptocurrency market had a bad week, in part due to Elon Musk’s SpaceX writing down the value of its bitcoin holdings.

At the closing time on Wall Street, Bitcoin was trading down 6 percent to $26,038.4, while Ethereum was trading down 5 percent, to $1,661.1. Ripple XRP fell 13 percent to 0.50. In one week, the price of Bitcoin has fallen over 11 percent, while Ethereum has fallen by 10 percent.

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