Cautions: – Like a treasure chest

Cautions: – Like a treasure chest

What looks like a new theft trend has broken out in several places in the United States. Including Manhattan, New York.

the site The Wall Street Journal They have spoken to several people who have experienced having their iPhone stolen and then draining their bank account of several thousand krone. In addition, many have lost access to their accounts.

All thieves used is the six-digit PIN code specified by the user.

This trick is almost magical – all you need is three fingers!
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access to “everything”

They were able to access this by observing the victim and the person unlocking the mobile phone with the passcode, the paper writes. This includes filming the victim surreptitiously or by calling the person in town and getting them to unlock their mobile phone.

When the thief steals the iPhone and has access to the passcode, he gains access to a bunch of data on the mobile phone and can easily change the Apple ID password and lock out the owner of the iPhone.

Recently, the police in Norway warned of a new theft trend after reports of a number of mobile phones being stolen. Among other things, a two-digit number of stolen mobile phones was found in a rubbish bin in Oslo.

– completely shocked

– a treasure chest

The thief also gets access to everything that’s stored in iCloud, and maybe even worse: Since many banks let you sign in with your passcode, the thief also gets access to your money. They can also send money via Apple pay.

– It’s like a treasure chest, Alex Argyro, a former New York police detective, warns the newspaper.

According to Arguero, there have been several hundred such cases in New York in the past two years, and the number is growing.

– It’s a very opportunistic crime. He says everyone has banking apps.

This is what Apple says

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said that the use of Face ID or Touch ID can limit the use of passcodes. Especially in public.

Security researchers agree that the iPhone is the most secure mobile device and they work tirelessly to protect their users. We empathize with the users who have had this experience, and we take all attacks on our users seriously, no matter how rare.

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