CCTV has gone crazy – sent hundreds of photos to the ignorant family

CCTV has gone crazy - sent hundreds of photos to the ignorant family

In November, religion learned of the deeply disturbing incident.

I just discovered it by chance, really. I was out for a walk and then suddenly an alarm sector called me and told me that the alarm went off in our house.

Religion says he was a little weak, because he knew his wife and two children were at home. Therefore, he said, it could not be true that the alarm had gone off, because it had not been triggered. The answer from Sector Alarm was that the alarm should be triggered, or else it would never send images.

– I called my wife, who said that they didn’t turn on the alarm, and that they didn’t hear any sirens either.

Over 500 photos taken

Eldin called Sector Alarm again and asked them to check the record. It showed that the alarm sent more than 500 images from the house over a period of about four hours.

– I received these pictures, they are not super high quality, but you can clearly see my children and my wife in a state of relaxation. He says if we were naked, it would have been clear.

Dean describes the experience as very upsetting, and says that they did not tell the children about the incident so they would not feel unsafe.

– It was a bit noisy at home in my living room. You feel right at home, we and the kids go naked sometimes. Then it’s an annoying feeling to know that he can take pictures of us.

– You want to warn others

Al-Din says an alert sector claims that none of them have seen the photos. He does not believe in this.

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– Their argument was that they had to physically approach me as a client to see the photos, but that’s not true. Since I was called, they must have sounded the alarm, then looked at the pictures, says Eldin.

He describes the conversation with Sector Alarm as tidy, and that a new system has been installed, without a camera. What he wasn’t happy with in Sector Alarm, however, was that they didn’t notify the Data Inspectorate until Dean himself asked for it.

– What I interact with the sector is that it seems that they would not have reported to the data inspectorate without me asking. They also believe that this is not an invasion of privacy. So, I wonder what would have happened if I had not reacted to the issue. If this happened to someone unconcerned about security, it might have been forgotten, he says.

Pictures were taken when the family was at home: These pictures were sent to Sector Alarm without the alarm system turned on. Photo: Alarm sector

Now he wants to warn others with the cameras in his house.

Many people have cameras who may have taken pictures of them without even knowing it. All three are clicking with us at the same time. These are electronics, and then of course things can happen, but I react more to the fact that they won’t report deviations if I don’t ask. I have nothing against the strip, and they help make us feel safe. He concludes that we will continue to have facilities from them, but I feel people should know this story.

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– This has never happened before

The alert sector writes in an email to TV 2 that helps you understand that the customer is reacting, and that both and the manufacturer, Resideo, are taking the incident seriously. Neither Alert Sector nor Resideo say they have experienced similar cases.

– We have conducted several internal investigations. In addition, the alarm system has been removed and sent to Resideo’s Quality Department, which performs thorough and thorough investigations of the alarm components to detect the cause of the deviation. So far, these investigations indicate that the accident is due to components that have a technical deviation, writes the warning sector.

– We apologize for the incident, and fully understand that the customer is reacting to this matter. We will contact the client and inform him of the situation, as well as hear what we can contribute to restore confidence, they continue.

They insist that no one with them sees 500 photos.

Here we must distinguish between two different events. The first deals with the images discussed in this case. The images were taken during a specified period of time where the alarm was not triggered, and therefore the alarm station did not receive the alarm signals. This is supported by the log from our alarm station, which shows that the alarm has not been triggered during this time. Sector Alarm also wants to emphasize that there are no traces in the log to indicate that anyone was inside and looked at the photos in the relevant time period.

The second part takes place shortly after the above. Despite the fact that the client did not activate the alarm by itself, the alarm station receives what appears to be a priority alarm from the client system. This type of signal is sent directly to our operators and thus the alarm is handled according to normal procedures. This includes contacting the customer, as well as access to the photo archive. The log then shows that the alarm has gone off, and they continue.

The alert sector says they are treating both incidents as part of what appears to be a fault at the facility.

– Great understanding that it’s uncomfortable

The Data Inspectorate writes that the alarm system like the Aladdin family is largely based on trust, and that they have a great understanding that it is unpleasant for the family to take pictures of them.

They also write that it follows from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that a breach of personal data security that poses a risk to the rights and freedoms of persons, must be reported to the Data Inspectorate as soon as possible, no later than 72 hours after they become aware of it. He. She.

It is unclear if this is the case here.

– We confirm that we received a message from the alert sector on 17 November, six days after the accident. At the moment, we can’t say anything more specific about whether the breach should have been reported in advance before we evaluate the report in more detail, the data inspection body concluded.

The alert sector says they reported the case to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority as soon as they believed the conditions for such a report had been met based on technical investigations and legal assessments.

– In this case, the question was whether there was illegal access to the stored images, and further investigations had to be done before we had enough information to conclude this.

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