Cecil’s daughters are following in their parents’ footsteps

sissel kyrkjebø

The daughters of Cecil Kirkebaugh and Danish artist Eddie Skouler have chosen to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

They know the pros and cons of working in the music industry. says Cecil Kirkebaugh in an interview with VG.

She and her ex-husband, Eddie Schooler, have two daughters together, Ingrid and Sarah. They both chose to study music. One is studying in Copenhagen and the other is studying in London.

– We’ll see if that’s how it ends up. The important thing is that they do what they want to do. Cecil says they follow what their dream is.

Both girls have always lived with the fact that their mother is one of the biggest stars in this country. Sissel Kyrkjebø was only 14 years old when she set out on the journey into a completely unique artistic career.

– They are of course environmentally damaged, so I can’t deny that, says Sissel to VG.

Sarah Kirkebo Schooler He was with his mom on her Christmas concert tour in 2019. They also sang together on the program “The Evening Before the Evening”. Here Sarah mocked her mother when she sang.

Regarding the fact that they had a Christmas tour in 2019, Cécile also posted a photo on Instagram, with the group she had Christmas parties with. Sarah’s daughter stands to Cecil’s left.

In 2004, the sad news came out that Cecil and Eddie had separated. Cecile lived in Denmark for six years after the divorce because of the children.

But in 2010 she took the girls with her and returned to Norway. Then Cecil also took a break from life as an artist. She wanted to be with the girls as often as possible when they had to establish themselves in a new place in a new country.

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