Celebrities' New Year's Resolutions 2024: – I broke all promises and rules

Celebrities' New Year's Resolutions 2024: – I broke all promises and rules

The year 2023 is immediately a closed chapter, and a new year must be called.

Traditionally, many people like to set themselves goals for the coming year, which, as is known, can be somewhat far-fetched and optimistic.

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A classic New Year's resolution is to exercise and make a lifestyle change, which is often reflected in crowded gyms in the first months of the year.

But what about Norwegian celebrities?

Se og Hør gathered a group of the country's well-known and beloved faces, and spoke to them about their dreams and goals for 2024.

– Completely crazy

Among the list for 2024 is artist and songwriter Karina Dahl (38 years old). The 38-year-old has left a busy year behind her and says she has never worked harder.

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– The best thing that happened to me this year is that I got a record for my music. It's been played 25 million times, which is absolutely crazy, she tells Se og Hør.

She says she always writes down some goals for the coming year in the notes on her phone, but this year, for the first time, she made a proper list of New Year's resolutions.

- Completely destroyed

– Completely destroyed

-I will always try to become a better version of myself with each passing year. I want to be more present, I'm on the phone all the time. Other than that, I always try to strike a better balance between training, work and partying – but I'm very good at it, she smiles.

Meanwhile, Dahl wants to challenge himself more creatively in 2024.

-I also want to get better at saying no, and not burn the candle at both ends.

– Don't think too much, shut up!

Norwegian Hanne Krogh (67 years old) has no doubts about what she will do more of next year.

– I'll start by saying yes! I would say yes very much! I wrote a song where one of the lines is “Don't think too much, shut up,” and I'll be doing more of that in the future.

Han Krug's son Sverre Krug Sundbo marries Cecily Eide in Holmenkollen Church.
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The New Year's resolutions I set largely arose in the years torn apart by the pandemic.

– I have had a number of plans for a long time, and my first practical resolution in the new year is to implement them. I have a lot of exciting plans, which I'm very much looking forward to implementing, she smiles.

Reveals the unknown past

Reveals the unknown past

An artist's New Year's attitude might remind us of Pepe Longstocking's mentality: I've never done this before, so I'm sure I will!

-I'm quite an adult, but you'll never grow up if you keep thinking new ideas. This process from idea to implementation is always the most exciting. Just do it, and get started!,” says Krug.

– Break all the rules

Artist and TV personality Jorun Stiansen (39) was able to reveal in September that she and her partner Egil Föhr (45) had bought a house overlooking the sea in the center of Grimstad.

Makers: It comes to a head in “Nødt ou sannhet,” and only the toughest can survive. Actress Jorun Stiansen surprises the contestants when she has to shave her eyebrows.
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It's been an exciting year for the 39-year-old, but she's not the type to believe in New Year's resolutions.

-I'm the worst at responding to New Year's resolutions. I never believed in pushing problems and challenges in front of me too much, she laughs.

She continues:

In my teenage years, I was very careful about such decisions, but I broke all the rules and promises I made to myself after the third day.

- People think we are one and the other

– People think we are one and the other

So Stiansen found her own tactics if she had goals or dreams she wanted to achieve.

– I start by committing myself on a small scale, on the same day the idea comes. You smile, it feels so much better than starting the new year by disappointing yourself.

However, she has a great desire for next year:

– My daily wish for every day in 2024 is to continue doing the things that make me happy, with those I love, I will continue to dare, and I will never again be afraid to fail at what I try.

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He'll step down on snuff

During the fall TV season, viewers got an insight into the path several celebrities took through a major lifestyle change in 2023, in the TV series 16 Weeks of Hell – Boot Camp.

Among those who participated was comedian ESPN PA Lervage (46 years old). At the end of the series, it became known that the 46-year-old woman lost more than 19 kilograms.

The messages are flowing

The messages are flowing

There are also many things about the year that he is proud of.

– What I'm most proud of in 2023 is “Indoor Bandy Warriors”, because we were able to create two seasons in one year – I would say that is an achievement. I also lost 20kg in 2023, I have to brag about that.

private: NRK profile Nikolaj Ramme and comedian Espen Lervag try an out-of-the-ordinary sport on the show “Helt Ramme sporter”. Video: NRK / Red Card.
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2024 will be no less difficult for the TV show, which could also reveal what it has as a New Year's resolution

– I'll try to cut down on the snuff, but I won't be able to do it, because I say that every bloody year.

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