Celebrities, Prince Harry | Cuts off all contact with Prince Harry

Celebrities, Prince Harry |  Cuts off all contact with Prince Harry

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): A reporter at the British Royal House claims that Prince William has decided to cut off all contact with Prince Harry, and has no plans to speak with him again, as a result of the latest Netflix documentary. “Harry and Meghan”.

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William cuts all contact

In the controversial Netflix series, Prince Harry accuses his brother of yelling at him and feeding the media false stories, he writes from the inside.

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The online newspaper refers to the British Royal House correspondent Roya Nikakh in the Sunday Times newspaper.

– William cuts all contacts, as you write on Twitter, links to Exclusive casewhich claims to have spoken to two anonymous sources who are said to be friends of Prince William.

– It’s all crazy

A source says the relationship between the two has “been very tense for a long time” and that Prince William has no intention of speaking to Prince Harry in the future. The other source bluntly states that “the whole thing is crazy.”

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In the documentary, Prince Harry said, among other things, that Prince William’s crew leaked stories about him and Meghan to the press. Prince Harry himself says he would never do the same.

“I would rather be destroyed by the press than play this game or take part in this exchange with the press,” Prince Harry says in the documentary.

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— and seeing my brother’s desk copy the same thing we promised each other we wouldn’t do was heartbreaking, says Harry in the Netflix documentary.

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Insider has been in touch with Kensington Palace for comment, but has been unsuccessful. Spokespeople for Harry or Meghan did not want to comment on the matter.

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Angry at meeting Diana

to me daily Mail Prince William must also be in awe of Harry and Meghan in the Netflix documentary, used excerpts from a BCC interview with Princess Diana that took place in 1995.

Prince William previously voiced that interview It shouldn’t have reappeared. , and the BBC has not aired the Princess interview several times either.

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“Harry and Meghan” It became the most watched Netflix documentary of all time.

In the first four days after the series was released on Netflix, it was 28.8 million households Watch the documentary.

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