June 8, 2023


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Celebrity, Durek Verret | Durek Verret confirmed security measures ahead of tonight’s concert

HEIDI’S BIER BAR / OSLO (Nettavisen): There will be an après-ski atmosphere at the popular nightclub Heidi’s BIER BAR on Wednesday evening when Durek Verret (48) performs his first concert for Norwegian folk. It’s a collaboration with his boy band The Jacketteers, who formed last month.

Besides the self-proclaimed shaman, the band includes actors Lars Berdijk Andersen (34) and Bjorn Alexander (33). The boy band was formed in a clothing store in Beverly Hills when the band members were shopping for clothes for a big party.

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Although the band has only released one song so far, “Afterski i Quiell”, they are now preparing for their first big concert in public.

Expectations for the evening are high, and the Jacketeers tell Netavisen that they are looking forward to the evening’s concert.

Additional protection

It seems it wasn’t entirely a coincidence that the boy band chose Heidi’s beer bar for Wednesday’s concert, as they released the party song in the middle of Après-Sky season.

Despite the fact that après-ski is associated with a high party factor and a good atmosphere, the band has taken some security measures around Durek Veret and has hired bodyguards.

– I have. I’m a public figure and I have to make sure I’m safe at all times, Veret tells Netavision.

He would not directly answer whether he will have bodyguards during tonight’s concert in Oslo.

– If you see security guards, you lose the whole point. Now there may be some here, but you don’t see them, says bandmate Lars Berdijk Andersen to Netavisen.

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– Martha likes music

According to Verret, the boy band’s party song struck a chord in the family, and his fiancee Martha Lewis, 51, notes that she loves “Afterski in Quill.”

– Märtha loves music and plays it a lot in the car, Veret tells Netavisen.

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The band’s only single to date received a mildly lukewarm reception, with Netavision’s critic Arild Ronson not immediately convinced, writing:

“I have every sympathy for our aging royal couple, but there is reason to believe they didn’t eat their lunch when it came to agreeing with their future son-in-law.”

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Dagbladet’s The reviewer was unkind and rolled one on the dice, but according to Verret he’s also had good comments.

Aborts playback

The boyband is looking forward to performing the song in front of a bigger audience, but Wednesday’s concert won’t be their first. The Jackateers made their first television appearance on “Good Morning Norway” last week.

The show received a lot of attention after several viewers accused the band of using playback. The allegations were later confirmed by TV 2 and the band’s manager.

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It was long uncertain whether the band would perform live or rely on playback during the evening concert. Netavisen received confirmation from the band’s manager that the boy band changed their mind at the last minute and will now play the concert live.

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