Celebrity Pia Jelta | Pia Jelta had to self-isolate for three months for the dream role

Celebrity Pia Jelta |  Pia Jelta had to self-isolate for three months for the dream role

Actress Pia Tjelta (44) is currently associated with Fiablay’s drama Made in Oslo, where she plays Elaine – a fertility doctor who refuses to give up on her children’s dream.

The series premieres on Viaplay on Sunday, and when Nettavisen met the 44-year-old before the premiere, she made no secret of the fact that she’s excited about what viewers will think of her new series:

– I’m excited to say the least. I almost thought I had a stomach ulcer for the past few days. I’m more nervous than I think.

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I had to avoid contact with others

The “Made in Oslo” recording came during the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which posed some challenges regarding its practical implementation. Among other things, the entire crew had to wear bandages at all times, and there were strict rules for communication between all participants of the series.

Tjelta Nettavisen tells that everyone involved has sacrificed a lot in order to make the series.

– He did something for us where we had to live completely private to be able to do the recording at all. We didn’t meet anyone but our family and those we were with on set, she says.

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– Even in groups we were somehow isolated. We had to eat our lunch on our own, and that wasn’t the social thing that often happens around taping, Gilta adds.

Precisely for this reason, Pia Gujelta believes that the series has gained an extra dimension of passion.

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– I feel that the hunger is a little reflected in the whole project. We were too hungry to connect with each other and we were allowed to make something meaningful through the pandemic, it was a gift package. Gilta says it felt like a gift.

– All the staff stood and danced

Made in Oslo, written by Catherine Fallen Zener and directed by Marit Mom-On. The first is very proud that they got the project in the port despite all the challenges.

Standing for 92 days with a bandage on all staff and threatening one thing or another at all times…sense of community and feeling like we’re saying something that’s actually seen as relevant, I really think that knows a lot of that production here. So yeah, we’re proud now. One thing is that we managed to beat the epidemic, but we also managed to make a TV series, which Valen Zener shares.

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Since life off the record was so limited, everything that happened seemed more real, according to Mom On.

When you are secluded before you enter a scene, it becomes more like a method. You meet face to face, suddenly in front of the camera. We recorded a wedding, and then everyone felt like it was the party they were at that year. Then all the staff behind the camera stood and danced, the director recalls.

Observed patients and doctors

Main character Elaine as Tgilta It has been described as “the role of the modern dream”., as mentioned by a fertility doctor. She’s not a gilta, so she had to do a thorough research for the role.

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The medical part itself consists of a lot of research, working long enough with syringes and gynecological equipment to make it look as natural as if you were to hold a knife and fork. I had to get my hands on it, because it’s not something you can cheat in any way, says the 44-year-old.

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The research was carried out with the help of experts in the field.

– We’ve been to the fertility clinic a lot. There she noticed patients and doctors alike, she says.

– and purely physical, I worked with gynecologists and fertility doctors to achieve it. She adds that it’s about how you handle the equipment and all that, how you keep everything.

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