Celje Norendal on life as a mother

Celje Norendal on life as a mother

Former skier Celje Norendal, 29, is perhaps best known to most Norwegians for her ski goggles on her head and a snowboard attached to her feet. Exactly two years ago, she decided to put her sports career on hold.

Since then, she and her ice hockey boyfriend, Aleksander Bonsachsen, 35, have managed to become parents to a little girl, Bianca, who is close to a year and a half.

Now Norendal is again linked on television, but this time as one of the participants in the new Christmas calendar on NRK – “24 Star Christmas Calendar”.

I was surprised: Silje Norendal and Pål André Helland got a little surprise when they were going to a yoga class with Nicolay Ramm. Video: NRK/Frederick Weltvedt. Correspondent: Milena Bambu Sundfor.
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– I kind of came out of maternity leave and getting started, so it was a huge transition. Very fun, but very embarrassing, she said of the engagement when Dagbladet met her at the premiere party.

– I must find myself

The former athlete is now used to her new role as a mother, but she admits it’s a little more intense than she once imagined.

Being a mother is very consuming. I met myself at the door, because I haven’t had much time in the past year and a half.

The 29-year-old describes life as a bit like a bubble, but she’s finally getting out a little bit.

injury: Celje Norendal was injured prior to Norway’s X Games. Read more about X Games Norway here: bit.ly/xgamesnorwaydagbladet (editorial collaboration)
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– It’s a wonderful, new day-to-day life, but now that I’m in Kindergarten, I’m starting to feel like I have to find myself again. Now I’m starting to feel what is typical of a former athlete, that there is a void and I have to find something to fill it. So it will be interesting to see what the next three years look like.

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Did the role of the mother surprise you?

– very. It all takes a lot – just like being a top athlete. You have one focus, which is the sport and your goals, and now you’ve turned to being with it.

It’s so weird to shift focus from the fact that it’s just me, to the other person being the only thing you care about. Norendal admits that there has been a transition.

Moving chaos

Earlier this fall, the 29-year-old managed to reveal that the family of three was on the move, and that they were going to sell the condo in Majorstua. The journey went east toward Nordstrand, where they found the “perfect home”.

reveal: Mai Kaplin and her boyfriend move in together in Oslo. Correspondent: Nora Skafog. Video: Selena Morquin
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The family has now moved into the house, and until further notice, the gang is doing well.

– We’ve been in there for a few weeks now, so it’s kind of a bit of a mess, but we’re really enjoying ourselves and I think it’s going to be very good.

However, there will be no Christmas celebration in the new house. Even if they go with the Christmas tree and decorations, it will probably bear some signs of movement. So you’ll be spending the holidays in the mountains, something Norendal is very much looking forward to.

– Christmas is not the same now that we have kids, and this will be our second Christmas with kids. It’s going to be a little different than what I’m used to, but I’m really looking forward to it, because I want to create Christmas and Christmas traditions as a family.

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