January 27, 2023


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Certified bee pollen

This is the first ever approved insecticide vaccine in the United States, the paper writes New York times.

The company that received the approval, Dalan Animal Health, has developed a vaccine that protects honey bees from aggressive bacteria that can spread rapidly from hive to hive.

Previous treatments against bacteria involved burning infected colonies and all associated equipment, or using antibiotics.

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missing antibodies

There are millions of hives all over the world, and bees don’t have the same health protection system you’d like to see in other animals. Now we have the tools to improve their disease resistance, says Dalail Freitak, who researches honey bees at Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria.

Previously, it was thought that insects couldn’t gain immunity because they lacked antibodies—proteins that help the immune systems of many animals, including humans, recognize and fight bacteria and viruses.

But in 2015, Vritak and two other researchers were behind the discovery of a specific protein that can produce an immune response in bee larvae, and realized that by grafting a queen bee, they could ensure immunity in an entire hive.

given as food

Before you start, imagine a small syringe being inserted into a bee: the pollen will be given as food.

A dead species of bacteria that the bees must protect against in the sugar forage will be given to the queen bee, who will then deposit the pollen into her ovary. Her larvae will be given immunity when they hatch.

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In recent years, many environmentalists have expressed concern about declining numbers of bees and other pollinators. So the vaccine could be good news for the bees of the world.