Chairman of Health Platform resigns

Chairman of Health Platform resigns
Resignation: Chairman of Helseplatformen AS, Torbjork Vanwijk.

Health platform chief resigns after news scandal at St Olav’s

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After the recent messaging scandal at St.Olavs Hospital, CEO Torbjørg Vanvik is stepping down as chairman of Helseplattformen AS.

It informs Newspaper address. Employees were briefed during a general meeting on Thursday.

On Thursday, VG Torbjørg Vanvik tried to reach both Helge Garåsen, chairman of Helseplattformen AS, and communications consultant Frode Nikolaisen, with no response so far.

VG noted on Tuesday that a fault in the recently introduced Health Platform electronic system in central Norway resulted in a total of 16,438 letters not reaching patients or GPs.

Letters may include appointments, test results, or treatment follow-up.

St. in Trondheim A team of 10 doctors will review 16,000 letters from Olav’s hospital to patients or GPs. A union representative at St. Olav’s says they have lost faith in the project.

– Letters to patients are usually not the only channel of information that should be followed for patient acute information, but it cannot be ruled out that this situation can have serious consequences for some patients, hospital director Greith Oswede tells VG.

On Wednesday evening, an extraordinary board meeting took place at Helseplatformen AS, where VG was also digitally present.

Here, Helseplatformen Director Torbjork Vanwijk, St. The user believed that the reason for the non-receipt of electronic mail to and from Ola was due to user error.

A union representative at St. Olave’s said they had lost faith in the health platform plan.

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– This is a non-intuitive solution, which is very complex. Of course, some areas work better than others, but there are a large number of errors and problems, says a representative of the superior Vivi Buckheim.

VG interviewed Bakkeheim on Wednesday. That is, before Vanwijk knew he was leaving.

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