CHAIRPERSON: Someone should bother to check themselves

CHAIRPERSON: Someone should bother to check themselves

CHAIRPERSON: Someone should bother to check themselves
Screening of children: When the epidemic was at its worst, school children had to be screened regularly in many municipalities without regard for the elderly and vulnerable. The coronavirus is not particularly dangerous for children, causing only mild illness. In retrospect, harsh measures aimed at children have been criticized.

A senior doctor at FHI believes testing for Corona is futile. To most people, this sounds about right. But not for everyone.

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Do you still have old masks and covid tests? You can use them again this fall.

It has been reported that scientists still don’t know enough about the new variant of Corona. But there will be more epidemics in the future.

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At the same time, FHI’s Preben Avidsland tells VG that he is not being tested. It has captivated readers and many find it strange not to check it out for themselves when they have the chance.

But it seems more prudent to remain silent on the test.

If we were to test ourselves every time someone in the family got a cold, it would be very inconvenient. Many different viruses attack people at the same time. Often we don’t know what we got.

What difference does a covid test really make?

Either way, there’s nothing else to do but wait for your recovery. In that way, the test result is a waste for most of us.

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But some people may still benefit from testing.

Think about those who are vulnerable and already sick, and may need treatment if they are infected with Corona. If they get a quick test, they can get the Covid medicine faster. It is important to minimize symptoms.

Even those of us who are healthy may need a test if we have family and friends who are susceptible to the virus. If you know you have an infection, you will naturally stay away from them for a few days.

Fhi doctor Preben Aavitsland believes testing for corona is a waste and doesn't bother to do it himself.
#TedWarden: In June 2021, the full debate took place when FHI chief physician Preben Avidsland “announced” the pandemic on Twitter. Two years later, it’s still hiding behind the scenes. But Avitzland didn’t bother to check himself.

We are still working on the fact that Corona is a virus that “everybody” has had and most people will be infected again and again.

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In Norway, municipalities must vaccinate people over the age of 65 from October with new types of the vaccine. And in Sweden, officials have recommended that everyone over 50 be vaccinated.

So there is no clear decision regarding handling.

But we learned a lot about preparedness and working quickly with money. At the same time, we have seen the effect of panicking the entire population. We now know that some measures are particularly strict against children. And those drastic measures make people worry unnecessarily.

For most people, Covid causes mild illness.

The continuation of the most extraordinary and strange measures against Corona means that more and more people are wandering around and needlessly afraid.

It is wise now – unless a new pandemic variant is acquired – to generalize the virus and treat it as one of many in a series of diseases that plague us.

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