January 31, 2023


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Challenging weather: – Weather chaos in Norway

The most challenging weather conditions leave their mark on space Christmas for thousands of Norwegians. Road traffic centres, the police and the fire department did not let up on Boxing Day.

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Accident reports are piling up. Around 5pm, two accidents were reported simultaneously on the E6 in Oslo, resulting in heavy traffic:

The accidents occurred in Karihauken, south towards the center of Oslo. Two out of three departments are closed. Inform the police.

In one crash, a car spun completely but, according to police, landed back on its wheels.

– Major property damage to car, minor injury to driver, police report.

In the second accident, a car sustained a puncture.

– Police are at the scene. There is only one accident, the car is in the left lane. Gjermund Stokkli, Operations Manager at the Oslo Police District, tells Dagbladet that the driver of the car may have suffered minor injuries, which the police are aware of.

He also mentioned that the car has suffered major damage. Only the driver was in the car.

Both a punctured car and a completely overturned car have created major traffic challenges at that location.

– The operations manager says that the traffic is in the right and left lane, so it is tight and the traffic is moving slowly.

He also says that there is a tow truck in the place. He hopes that the traffic will be normalized soon.

– Let the car stop

– Christofa Key-Nilsen at Vegtrafiksentralen East tells Dagbladet that today is the day you should consider whether you should go out and drive or leave the car.

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  • Snow, ice and snow on the road across the country:

The rain and melted snow have left the road heavily waterlogged, causing problems for crews working on spraying and salting. After Monday afternoon, there is still a risk of snow and rain on roads.

– Precipitation in the form of snow, ice and rain over large parts of eastern Norway, the Road Transport Center in the East writes on Twitter.

– Winter conditions are demanding with precipitation in the form of rain washing salt and sand off the roads on most roads in the interior of the Westlands region. We are trying to take action, but it is very slippery and in many places in bad conditions. Drive carefully and according to the conditions, Vegtrafikksentralen i West writes on Twitter.

  • Danger of Column Driving on Hartangervitae:

There is a high risk of road closures and convoy driving on national highway 7 Hardangervidda in the evening and at night, the Swedish Road Transport Agency said on Twitter.

Caused by strong winds with snow.

– If you are going down the hill or over it, it is recommended to drive now, they write on Twitter.

May be closed: Highway 7 over Hartangervitae. Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration's webcam

May be closed: Highway 7 over Hartangervitae. Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s webcam
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Electrical problems temporarily closed both Sørlandsbanen and Vestfoldbanen. It writes Bannor on their websites.

– We are working to fix the error, but don’t know how long it will take, they write.

  • More cars in the ditch at Holmenkollen:

Police in Oslo say they left for Holmenkolveien, where several cars ended up in a ditch on Monday afternoon.

– The roads in the area are very slippery and many cars are stuck or driven into ditches, the police in Oslo wrote on Twitter.

Oslo Municipality is now working on road construction, but in the meantime the police have issued a clear call to those out and about in the area:

– Don’t drive in that area now unless you absolutely don’t.

A Upgrade The police write that the previously closed Holmenkollveien has now reopened.

  • Delayed flights in Gardermoen:

Due to challenging weather, there were major delays at Oslo Airport on Monday afternoon. Delays are caused by snow, ice and generally demanding conditions on the runway.

That’s what Avinor’s head of public relations, Eric Loding, tells Talkblade.

– All crews are now working to clean up the area, but it will take time, so you should expect some delays, Loding says.

He says things are taking longer because of the winter weather and there will be more delays throughout the evening.

– Once there are delays, it can spread to more delays throughout the day, but today we have to take precautions, he adds.

  • Thousands without power in Oslo:

Several thousand Norwegians are without electricity in Oslo, the report said Elvia.

On Elvia’s website, the number of victims was corrected to between 2,000 and 6,000. At the time of writing, about 5,500 people have been affected in Oslo, and another 600 elsewhere in the country.

– A power outage is known, crews are working to find the fault, Elvia notes on its own website.

A total of nine municipalities were affected, with most of the outages being in Oslo.

  • Flooded Basements in Westfold:

It has been a busy day for the staff of Westfold Intermunicipal Fire Service (VIB). More than ten basements in Færder and Tønsberg municipalities were reported to be filled with water.

– Duty Fire Chief Andrew Wright says on Twitter that not everyone can help.

The fire service is encouraging people to put up spikes, evacuate their homes and dig trenches in the snow to divert water.

– Where sewage comes into the basement, we cannot help. And in rainwater-only basements, water can’t be drained if there’s a risk of flooding a neighbor’s basement, he adds.

If you want to report basement water, call 33 31 41 10. In case of fire or accident, call 110, the fire service writes.