Champions League and Chelsea | Chelsea reached the quarter-finals after the VAR drama against Dortmund

Champions League and Chelsea |  Chelsea reached the quarter-finals after the VAR drama against Dortmund

Chelsea – Borussia Dortmund 2-0 (2-1 on aggregate):

Chelsea reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League after meeting on Tuesday at home with German Borussia Dortmund.

It didn’t happen without the drama. After Raheem Sterling gave the hosts the lead just before the break, chaos ensued immediately after the break. Dortmund’s Marius Wolf had the ball in his hand on the field and after much delay, a penalty kick was awarded.

Big protests

Kai Havertz put it on the post, but because many players had reached the penalty area too early, the German was given another chance.

was in the box. After both the handball and the missed penalty kick, Dortmund players got angry at referee Danny McKelle.

Even after the referee looked at the TV screen and made a decision, the appeal from the yellow signal continued.

This made TV2 expert Brede Hangeland react.

– What is the point of continuing the discussion? He said this was more about disrupting penalties at Chelsea.

They might as well have succeeded since Havertz missed the first time, before getting a second chance from the chalk mark.

– There are amazing scenes to watch at Stamford Bridge. There are accidents and disagreements. But Kai Havertz, wow! “He put the penalty in about the same spot, just a little bit to the left and he gave Chelsea the lead,” Arsenal hero Lee Dixon told the BBC.

Expert: – Shocked

Dortmund player Jude Bellingham was asked about the position of the penalty after the match and he was clear in his speech.

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– It’s absurd, said the much-needed midfielder.

However, the Liverpool-linked star’s statement left TV2 expert Jesper Mathisen baffled.

Players don’t always know the rules. In the studio he said I am amazed and I shock him every time.

He added that according to the regulations, this punishment should be reinstated.

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Canceled registration

Chelsea created a number of great chances in the first half against a Dortmund who weren’t very attacking.

However, the Blues had to burn through several tough chances, before finally getting a boiling hole towards the end of the half.

Kai Havertz came incredibly close to putting Chelsea ahead after 28 minutes. The German fired a half-volley from about 15 meters and the ball hit the post, before rolling along the line, past the other post and finally rolling over the dead line.

Ranger Alexander Meyer may have understood little of what was going on behind him, but he was incredibly spared from the horror.

About ten minutes later, Raheem Sterling played on. He put the ball straight into goalkeeper Meyer, but the return, which Havertz got, was superbly blocked by the German star. However, Sterling was sneaky up front.

Boom was cute

Soon after, Chelsea had new chances after a Ben Chilwell free-kick, but this time the ball didn’t roll the hosts’ way either.

Take the English Premier League Quiz:

Right before the break, it should work. Sterling fouled for the first time just as he was about to finish, but the foul became a bit of a feint as he regained control of the ball. On the second attempt, he made no mistake and sent the home team forward.

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As mentioned, Dortmund didn’t have much to offer in the first half, but a free kick from Marco Reus about a quarter of an hour later prompted Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa to take action. The Spaniard kept the visitors’ finish off with a tiger leap.

Thus, the teams were level after three of the four total runs had been completed in this match.

VAR drama

Shortly after the break, Chelsea were awarded a penalty. Dortmund back Marius Wolf received the ball in his hand after a cross from Ben Chilwell and after a long VAR check and look at the screen, referee Danny McKelley finally chose to point to the chalk mark.

The drama isn’t over yet. Kai Havertz put the penalty kick against the post, but because several players had entered the penalty area too early, it was ruled that the penalty had to be taken again. On the second attempt, Havertz put the ball into the back of the net.

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Dortmund became more attacking after the score was 2-0 and Jude Bellingham and Marius Wolf both had good chances to score. Bellingham had a chance on the outside, while Kepa was in place and held off the finish from Wolfe.

Chelsea weren’t harmless either and after 76 minutes Conor Gallagher put the ball into the net after Sterling kicked a free-kick, but again the Chelsea forward was offside and the referees correctly ruled it out for the second time in the game.

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Although Dortmund put a lot of people forward in the end, the home team held on and thus became more in the Champions League.

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