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Mushroom Year 2022 is well underway.

A year where many places are close Mushrooms overflow.

But what are you going to do with your painstakingly collected mushrooms?

brush? Washing? Throw?

According to experts, in most cases you should brush off the fungus.

But there are exceptions.

Got a lot of mushrooms this year?

Brush off most of the mushrooms

Chanterelle, chanterelles, pale porcini mushrooms and black trumpet mushrooms are good examples of the best edible mushrooms in Norwegian forests.

But if you want to get more of the mushroom, you have to treat it properly.

– Most of us brush mushrooms, says Leanne Johansson to NRK.

Pale porcini mushrooms are one of those mushrooms that should be brushed, not washed.

Photo: Janike Forstad / NRK

He is an author on Mushrooms and Useful Crops and a Mushroom Control Coordinator.

– They take a lot of water and have a lot of flavor in the tracks. He explains that if you wash off the fungus, it will disappear.

But there are exceptions.

– Chanterelles and creams can be washed well. The former is filled with debris that sits in the grooves below. Gremler is also a mushroom that debris can stick to.

Yellowish-red cream

Gremlins are a type of fungus that can collect a lot of debris in the pits below. So, wash it carefully.

Photo: A Marstat

Brushing can also damage brushes.

– If you brush the Kremlin, you will quickly tear it apart. When it rains, the dust sticks very well, and if you brush it later, it will be cleared quickly.

Rinse carefully

In the municipality of Utskarpen i Rana, Elise Bratteng Rønning and Marius Martinsen run a restaurant and accommodation centering on food experiences from Helgeland.

Martinsen says they use mushrooms year-round, but mostly in season as a result.

He explains that they try to avoid using water because it affects the taste.

– We rinse the chanterelles carefully, or use a little water to remove debris, he explains.

Elise Bratteng Ronning and Marius Martinsen, Elise in Woodskaberpen

Elise Bratteng Ronning and Marius Martinsen run a restaurant in Woodscorpen.

– When we are in the forest we are very interested in cutting sand and debris. It takes a little more time, but makes the job easier when we get back.

In most other cases, they brush and chop the mushrooms.

– Mushrooms are very fragile. They act like sponges and absorb water. If they are soaked, they are boiled. If you are going to eat fried mushrooms, you should avoid a lot of water.

To pickle, dry and make risotto

Over the course of a year, Martinsen & co. Eight and ten mushroom varieties. But it is difficult to say which mushroom is better.

– The best mushrooms are boletus and chanterelle. and funnel chanterelle. The yellow and black trumpet mushrooms are absolutely amazing, Martinsen says with a laugh.

– But all edible mushrooms are good. They taste different and not all mushrooms go with everything. But if you know what you’re going to use it for, that’s fine.


Many will come home with baskets full of chanterelles this fall.

Photo: Jose Abold / NRK

Here you can find an overview Which mushrooms are edible and which ones to stay away from.

– Do you use mushrooms all year round?

– We pickle and dry some mushrooms. That’s why we use some mushrooms throughout the year.

– Do you have a good tip for people who come home with a basket full, what should they do?

– A mushroom risotto is always good. Then you can use different mushrooms. Use lots of delicious mushrooms and lots of Parmesan. People should try it at home.

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