Chaos at Kabul Airport – Several people must have died – VG

Chaos at Kabul Airport - Several people must have died - VG

The Guardian reports that thousands of people are trying to get out of Afghanistan. Reuters witnesses said at least five people were killed.


The Taliban’s swift takeover of Kabul – and then power in Afghanistan – caused panic among many in the city. At Hamid Karzai airport, located five kilometers from the center of Kabul, there were several thousand people on Monday night looking for an exit, he said. Watchman.

President Ashraf Ghani He left the country on Sunday.

Videos from the airport show people streaming into the terminal building and onto the runway. A person with children in his arms.

Three witnesses who spoke to Reuters, on Monday morning, said that at least five people died inside the airport area.

It must have happened during the chaos created when several hundred tried to board planes leaving the Afghan capital.

It is not currently clear whether the people were shot or trampled to death, but according to eyewitnesses to the American newspaper. The Wall Street Journal Three people were killed by fire.

– out of control

Another Saigon Moment: Chaotic scenes at Kabul International Airport. No safety. Nothing, writes Saad Mohseni Twitter.

Afghan News Channel TOLO . News It was reported at 07:39 NST that all commercial flights were cancelled.

US soldiers responsible at the airport fired warning shots earlier this morning, according to a US official.

– The crowd was out of control. A spokesman told Reuters that shots were fired to calm the chaos.

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– Terrible chaotic scenes

Of the US team, in two days, there will be 6,000 troops to secure the airport, according to the Associated Press. Almost everyone at the US Embassy in Kabul will now be evacuated.

The American flag was also lowered from the embassy.

Terrible chaotic scenes at Hamid Karzai Airport. People flock together and have nowhere to go. A woman says ‘Look at the situation of the people in Afghanistan’, writes BBC correspondent Yalda Hakim Twitter.

At least three airlines according to a report CNN They are either delaying or rerouting flights to avoid Afghan airspace for the time being.

Both flydubai and Emirates have canceled flights to and from Kabul, while United Airlines will fly across the country. An Air India spokesperson told the US channel that they would try to operate scheduled flights to and from Afghanistan.

– Sad

So much fear for the future now Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reappears.

I grieve on behalf of my friends, all who have hopes and dreams. I fear for my family and the future, 21-year-old Marcia tells VG By phone from Kabul.

Terje Waterdale, director of the Afghanistan Committee, is in Kabul himself.

– People were so afraid, I could see the fear in people’s eyes. What’s impressive is that the people, whom we failed in many ways, didn’t give me a single ugly look, Waterdale tells VG.

They were evacuated with Danish assistance

Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen I said Monday night The Danes evicted a group of Danish and Norwegian citizens.

– I can report to you that on Sunday evening, the Danish defense succeeded, under very difficult circumstances, in evacuating a group of Danes and Norwegians from Afghanistan. I do not currently have more information about the operation, it was stated in the statement on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Defense.

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The Norwegian embassy was evacuated on Friday, but the plan so far is for 36 Norwegian paramedics to remain in the field hospital in Kabul.

The hygiene soldiers remain

– I can never guarantee one hundred percent of security, there is always a great danger in military operations. As he says, we’ve also seen how confusing the situation is Chief Defense Eric Kristofferson to VG.

Paramedics are stationed at the airport.

Kristofferson stresses that there is a plan to get them out, should the situation worsen.

– The most important thing for me is the safety of the Norwegian soldiers at the airport.

Pardon the Taliban lover

On April 14, 2021, NATO decided All allied forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11th. The draw has already started in May.

Norway’s contribution to the Resolute Support Mission (RSM) consisted of a special forces contribution and a medical contribution to the field hospital in Kabul.

special forces He came home on June 26 this year. With that it was a 20-year effort in the country. Norway still has 36 field hospital staff in Kabul who treat Western military and diplomats.

– The Taliban said they would keep the airport open, grant amnesty to Afghan forces and crack down on looting and chaos. Kristofferson says there will also be a future dialogue with the Taliban about how long such a hospital will last.

Chaos: The situation in Kabul quickly became chaotic when the Taliban moved into the city and seized power. Photo: AFP

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