June 8, 2023


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Chaotic scenes in Cardiff after a road accident

People threw fireworks at police and set cars on fire in Cardiff, Wales on Tuesday night.


Local police said they were dealing with widespread disturbances after a serious traffic accident occurred in Cardiff, he wrote Sky News. The Guardian also reports the event.

Cardiff is the largest city in Wales in the United Kingdom.

The traffic accident that led to the police being called must have occurred around 6pm, and disturbances escalated throughout the evening.

Pictures from the scene show riot police blocking one side of the road. A police car can be seen with a broken window, and in videos streamed live on YouTube, youths can be seen throwing fireworks at the police.

according to telegraphHowever, when the incident was reported as a riot, many petrol bombs were thrown at the police.

Shortly after 02:00 on Tuesday Norwegian time, the police write that they are in with great resources, and that they are arresting several people at the scene.

in message on Twitter They ask people to avoid the road which is located in the Ely area:

– We ask everyone participating or observing to leave immediately. We understand the concern of the locals and we ask that you stay indoors.