Chargers, Consumer | As of this year, you'll only need one charger

Chargers, Consumer |  As of this year, you'll only need one charger

Finally, come regulations that deal a blow to the environment, making charging cell phones and headphones, among other things, a little easier. USB-C should be the only charging option for products sold in the EEA after December 7, 2024, and the new regulations also state that purchasing a charger should be optional.

Thus you will be able to choose whether you want to purchase the products with or without a charger. In addition, there are labeling requirements on the packaging, and it must be clearly stated whether a charger is included or not.

Applies to most things

These are the products covered by the regulations, which must be rechargeable using USB-C:

  • Cell phones, tablets and e-readers
  • Digital cameras
  • Video game consoles
  • Headphones (headphones and earbuds)
  • Portable speakers
  • Wireless mice and wireless keyboards
  • Portable navigation systems

For laptops, this requirement applies as of April 7, 2026.

Warehouse organization

Nkom is responsible for setting the regulations regarding the new regulations, and they are also the ones who will check that the products sold meet the requirements. The proposal is now being sent for consultation in Norway.

— This is an important contribution to reducing the amount of electronic waste and reducing raw material consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This is an example of how changing regulations creates benefits for both consumers and the environment without compromising the benefits we get from the products, says Nkom Division Director Frode Målen.

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