December 4, 2022


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Charlie Sheen reflects on his daughter's choice of OnlyFans - VG

Charlie Sheen reflects on his daughter’s choice of OnlyFans – VG

Agree again: once upon a time they were a happy married couple, Dennis Richards and Charlie Sheen, but today they do not agree on everything. But daughter Sami’s desire to post the photos on OnlyFans has now received the support of both, after the father was initially deeply skeptical.

At first, parents Charlie Sheen, 56, and ex-wife Denise Richards, 51, disagreed strongly about the choice of the eldest daughter to post on OnlyFans. Now my father has changed his mind.


She’s in an interview this weekend with us weekly That Sheen has changed his mind, after initially vehemently opposed to his 18-year-old daughter Sami, who wants to set up her profile on subscription service OnlyFans.

The service is often associated with sexual content.

“Dennis highlighted several key points that I overlooked in a hurry,” Charlie Sheen told US Weekly in a statement via his media agent, Jeff Ballard.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that Sammy has a united paternal front that she can trust as she embarks on this new adventure. Shane says in the statement that from now on, she will have a lot of this.

Here, Sammy Sheen congratulates his mother, Denise Richards, on Mother’s Day:

Charlie Sheen, who can look at himself someone bounce Earlier in her life, she was not too enthusiastic about choosing her daughter OnlyFans.

– This decision was not made under my roof. Charlie Sheen said I do not condemn this, but since I am unable to prevent it, I have encouraged her to do so with style and creativity and not to sacrifice her integrity.

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Now he turned around under the pressure of his daughter’s mother.

Denise Richards has wholeheartedly supported her daughter.

At the same time, the first online trolls appeared on Sami Sheen’s Instagram account, which was followed by nearly 98,000.

“Are you really sure you have the body for (OnlyFans, editor’s note) lol” was one of the comments, According to Fox News.

The answer came from the 18-year-old quickly, with a photo of her holding several pizzas.

Yes, because there is no “body” to be. The only important thing is to make sure you are comfortable with what you post and remember that all bodies are beautiful.

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