June 8, 2023


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Charlotte Rohlin - - Am I going to die?

Charlotte Rohlin – – Am I going to die?

“You see, everything has been turned upside down, but I’m going to get through it.”

The words belong to former soccer player Charlotte Rohlin.

She has 77 caps for the Sweden national team, and in her hometown she enjoys legendary status after 20 years of service at Linköpings FC.

In 2015, she put her shoes on the shelf, and has since created a family with partner Martin Nolde. In 2018, they had a daughter, Noel.

Life seemed to be going well for Rohlin, but in December 2021 came the shocking news.

Star: Charlotte Rohlin has been a big star in Swedish football for many years. Here from a national team with Sweden in 2007. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson / Shutterstock / NTB
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– Will I die?

In a new interview with the Swedish newspaper expressRohlin opens up about the cancer diagnosis that changed her life. On December 14, she shared the news herself Instagram profile.

‘I have been diagnosed with breast cancer’, I wrote. Attached is a picture that says “Damn Cancer”.

The diagnosis was triple-negative aggressive breast cancer.

– The doctor asked: Will I die? to Express.

Time then was filled with uncertainty about the way forward.

– I longed for family life for a long time. And now I might not be able to try it for long. Do I really only get three years with my daughter?

Cancer Hell

Soon after the diagnosis, Rohlin began chemotherapy. Then the hair began to fall out, and the couple had to get creative.

– We decided to play the hairdresser at home, so that Noel would be with us all the way and I wouldn’t go home completely bald one day, she explains to the Swedish newspaper.

Smiles: The family has been a bright spot in a difficult time for Charlotte Rohlin.  Photo: Alex Ljungdahl/Expressen

Smiles: The family has been a bright spot in a difficult time for Charlotte Rohlin. Photo: Alex Ljungdahl/Expressen
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Finally, Rohlin had to have an operation to remove her breasts to reduce the chance of the cancer spreading.

– There was no doubt not to do so. I do it for a living.

However, she does not dare to be overly optimistic, although things look positive.

– They say it went as well as it could, but I don’t really dare hope until I have received all the test results and in fact they inform me well, she says before she comes up with a bleak prediction.

– What’s so boring is that this hell cancer will come back again within the next two years.

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