Chasing the suspect: – It could be anywhere

Chasing the suspect: – It could be anywhere

On Friday, the small town of Cleveland, Texas, was shaken after five people, including an 8-year-old boy, were killed in their home.

The suspect, Francisco Oropesa, 38, remains at large and is being sought by more than 200 officers from several law enforcement agencies. The manhunt has continued since the accident, but the police don’t seem any closer to finding him.

– We don’t know where he is. We have no tips as to where he is. At the moment, we have no leads, said Special Agent James Smith of the FBI Sunday, according to the report The New York Times.

Around: Police and the FBI are actively searching for the suspect. The shooting took place in Cleveland, Texas, about 70 kilometers north of Houston. Photo: AP/NTB
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Then the police also offered a reward of $80,000 (about NOK 850,000) for people with information that could help locate Oropesa.

Late Saturday, San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said the area where Oropesa is located could be between 10 and 20 miles away.

– We’re searching with police dogs, officers on horses and drones in the air, Kabir says.

At the same time, he warned:

– (Suspicious magazine) could be anywhere. He is armed and dangerous.

A terrible tragedy

Five people were shot and killed Friday night at a home in Cleveland, Texas. Police say they were killed by one of their neighbours, Oropesa, after they complained that he was shooting in his garden.

Among the dead was an eight-year-old boy, and three women and a man were also killed. The suspect is said to have been armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

Sheriff Capers says there were ten people in the house where the murders took place, and no one else was injured. All dead must have a Honduran background. Two of them were found lying on two children inside the house.

– Capers says that Honduran women who lay on babies did so in an effort to protect them. He says all of the dead were shot in the neck or head.

According to the police, the murders took place after the family members climbed the fence towards the neighbor and told the suspect to stop shooting. He then claimed that he replied that it was his property.

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