Chatbot that knows everything about you

Chatbot that knows everything about you

A year after its launch, it became clear that ChatGPT was just the beginning. Chatbots that really matter are being launched now. The oil fund manager is first in line.

Microsoft’s new Copilot chatbot should be able to respond to all your sensitive data. – A gift from heaven, said Oil Fund Manager Nikolai Tangen during the presentation.

The short version

Not even the world’s most advanced technology leaders could have predicted what was about to hit us before ChatGPT was launched on November 30 of last year. But now we know this: Language models and chatbots like ChatGPT Plus can increase the quality of work of highly qualified knowledge workers by 40 percent. The time spent can be reduced by 25 percent, according to research conducted by Harvard University.

This little chatbot has completely changed the status quo in technology. Before November 30 last year, Microsoft was seen as the slowest giant, at least among end users. Last year, it was worth about the same as Google. Now Microsoft’s value is almost double.

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