June 8, 2023


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ChatGPT Manager: – It can totally get it wrong

It could be wrong: The head of the company behind ChatGPT, Samuel Altman, has called on the US Congress to regulate the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

ChatGPT Director Samuel Altman (38) admits that technology can have serious consequences.


– As this technology evolves, we realize that people are concerned about how it might change the way we live. We are, ChatGPT CEO Samuel Altman said at a hearing on artificial intelligence in the US Congress on Tuesday. According to the news agency AP.

During the hearing, he suggested that technology can do bad things – if it’s not regulated enough.

– We believe that the benefits of the tools we’ve created clearly outweigh the risks so far. However, he said, ensuring safety is our core core business The Independent.

My biggest fear is that [KI-industrien] He said during the session, according to the website, that great damage will befall the world.

Altmann emphasized the need to regulate the development of artificial intelligence. He believes that the actions taken by the authorities are “absolutely necessary” to reduce the risk of the growing power of the regimes artificial intelligenceartificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) is an information technology that modifies its activity and thus appears intelligent. (SNL) (in order to).

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– I think if something goes wrong with this technique, it can go completely wrong. We’re going to be honest about that,” Altman said according to the report New York times.

We will work with the authorities to prevent this from happening.

It is suggested to use licenses

Altman proposes creating an agency that can license the most powerful AI systems. Either an American agency or an agency covering the entire world.

The suggestion is that the agency can ensure that the most powerful AI technologies meet security standards. Altman also wants the agency to be able to revoke licenses.

Little will to organize

There is currently no indication that Congress in the United States will pass laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence, as the European Union and a number of countries do.

However, US authorities have promised to combat harmful AI products that are used to violate civil rights and that violate laws that are supposed to protect consumers.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal opened Tuesday’s session by highlighting the opportunities and dangers that artificial intelligence can pose. He did so with a pre-recorded speech. However, the speech was not delivered by Blumenthal, but by a vocal bot that looked exactly like him.

The speech read was also written by ChatGPT.