May 29, 2023


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Cheapest Free Data - Never empty your mobile data

Cheapest Free Data – Never empty your mobile data

Many Norwegian mobile operators now offer subscriptions with unlimited data, i.e. where you will never feel that the phone becomes useless due to the severely restricted speed.

reduce speed

Admittedly, no Norwegian operators offer completely free data with no speed limits – all the biggest subscriptions have a certain amount of data where you get the speed you pay for (100GB for most), and when that quota is finally used up all speed drops to 3 Megabits per second (Mbps).

Then you’ll probably find that everything takes a little longer, whether you open a website, upload a photo or start a YouTube video, but 3Mbps is enough to stream HD video on Netflix, so it’s still great to use. the phone.

Furthermore, we have built a calculator that shows how long it takes to download things at different download speeds.

Not only speed and price

Other than the price and maximum speed, there are also differences in whether you can use an additional SIM with the subscription (it’s a good idea to put a 4G router or an old phone in the cabin to provide full internet access, for example), as well as how much mobile data you get outside Norway, but within the borders of the European Union. Some also offer additional services that you may be interested in.

In the table below, we’ve compiled the offers that are effective as of May 9, 2022:

The table is sorted by trigger name, but you can click on the column headings to sort accordingly. The column to the right shows the mobile network(s) used by the operators. Below we attach to the table:

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Chilimobil is cheaper, but slower

As you can see it is Chilemobile Which offers the cheapest subscription with free data, but the speed from the first byte is limited to 10Mbps, and you cannot use an additional SIM with this subscription. You can only do this if you add fifty apps to their maximum subscription, which is 200Mbps maximum speed. It wouldn’t be hard to consider it limited today, since 4G speeds are typically 70-80Mbps in most places, but when 5G is all in place, speeds are often much higher.

Bites It is the player that gives you the most data at full speed (108 GB), 8 GB more than others. But the subscription also has the smallest share in the European Union (24 GB) and does not support additional SIM cards.

If you have an iceMax subscription from iceBlocked at either 10 or 25 Mbps from the start, you can share 2 GB and 10 GB of data respectively with another Ice user each month. If you choose to commit for 12 months, NOK 50 will be deducted from your monthly bill. Ice also does not support additional SIM cards on iceMax subscriptions.

single connection It offers only one speed (20 Mbps) on its full data subscription. They offer additional SIM cards, but in the form of a dual SIM and not a data SIM. This means that the additional SIM has to be in a device that supports receiving calls and therefore cannot be inserted into a 4G router, as you will then experience intermittent calls.

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Blosmobile It has the second cheapest subscription, with 50 percent higher output speed (15Mbps) than the cheapest Chilimobil subscription for an extra NOK 30, but it also doesn’t support the use of additional SIM cards either on the affordable subscription or at full speed. The subscription includes a Pling service, where you can read a number of Aller’s publications online, such as Se og Hør, KK, Vi over 60 and Dagbladet.

merely talk more And Telenor It allows you to use every hundred gigabytes when traveling in the European Union, and offers each of the three different levels of speed, with Talkmore being five times cheaper on all three. It also costs a lot less in Talkmore if you want an extra SIM – 29 for 99 kr. Telenor, for its part, offers some side-by-side services, such as My cloud – with unlimited photo and video backups to the cloud.

Telia It also has three speeds to choose from and also offers additional SIM cards on all three levels, but at the second highest price. The EU quota is 36 GB, but in Sweden, Denmark and Finland you can use every hundred gigabytes at full speed.

It’s hard to name a winner among the different subscriptions, because it depends on the requirements you set for the transition and whether you value things like the possibility of additional SIM cards, a higher EU quota, or other additional services. Also note that many operators have schemes where you get a discount if you order more into the family.

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We point out that PlussMobil is owned by Aller, which also owns Dagbladet and DinSide.

How much speed do you need?

Therefore, a few kronos are required when settling at the lower maximum speed. As mentioned earlier, the typical 4G speed is around 70-80Mbps according to Telenor, so today you wouldn’t experience top speed as limited if it was above that level.

However – when Ice launched its own Data Freedom service a few years ago (with a top speed of 10Mbps), CEO Eivind Helgaker told DinSide that some time before the launch, he had limited employee speeds to 10Mbps without even knowing it , so no one had complained.

In the calculator below, you can set the speed and see how long it takes to download different things on your mobile. At the bottom you can specify the file size yourself.