Cheapest Mobile Subscription, October 2023 – Save hundreds of dollars

Cheapest Mobile Subscription, October 2023 – Save hundreds of dollars

In these economic times, it’s important to save where you can. Negotiate the interest on the loan, review the insurance policies, sell the things you do not use, do your weekly shopping, cancel the subscriptions you do not need – there are many tips.

It’s also a good idea to check whether the carrier you’re using is competitive on price, or whether you can get more for your money elsewhere.

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DinSide checked prices with Norwegian mobile operators to find out which one gives you the most mobile data for your money.

Since the last price check over a year ago, four mobile phone companies have disappeared from the market. In terms of price, we see that the ones that were previously the cheapest are almost the same.

We also note that big players like Telia and Telenor barely qualify to the top of the lists, and that there are significant price differences in this regard. For example, you can get 12GB with NiceMobil for NOK 198, while Telenor will charge NOK 329 for 2GB. It’s a waste of hundreds of pounds if you look at pure data usage.

We’ve divided it into three and looked at which operator gives you the most for NOK 200, NOK 300 and unlimited respectively. As usual, we only looked at prices that apply to everyone, not if you’re under 30, have other products from the same company, want a subscription for multiple family members, and the like. We also do not take into account in the tables any additional services that you obtain by being a client.

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Please note that PlussMobil is owned by Aller, which also owns Dagbladet AS, of which DinSide is a part.

Test: Finally, Apple

Test: Finally, Apple

Mostly less than 200 NOK

We start with the cheapest subscriptions. Here’s what operators offer if your minimum pain limit is NOK 200.

Ice-owned NiceMobil is still the one that gives you the most data for a few hundred dollars. In our previous price check, I got 10GB of mobile data for NOK 200 per month. Now you get 12GB for NOK 198, which gives you more for your money. Here you can also get carryover, i.e. where unused data is rolled over to the next month.

*You don’t get that with Happybytes, which is in second place at 10GB. Without the extension, unused data will be lost once the month passes.

Throw hundreds of notes

The most expensive data in this price range can be found on Talkmore, which charges NOK 169 for 500MB (0.5GB).

Mostly less than 300 NOK

If you’re willing to pay a hundred extra, you’ll also get a lot of data for your money. Below you can see which subscriptions give you the most data for up to NOK 300:

As usual, there are some stars in the table:

* The first Happybytes subscription costs NOK 248 and is a “one per day” subscription. As the name suggests, here you get 1GB every day. If you use all the data in one month, you can get up to 28/29/30/31GB depending on which month it is and if it’s a leap year. However, you cannot save data from day to day. If you reach your daily limit, you’ll have to wait until midnight to speed things up again; Alternatively, pay NOK 19 for 1 additional GB.

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**Happybytes also ranks second in the table. Here you get 30 GB that can be used freely during the month, but the stars are there to confirm that the subscription does not include an extension, so here you cannot save data for the next month. Also note that the subscription only contains 25GB of data for use in the EU/EEA, and that you may not use dual SIM/data with this subscription.

Among the more traditional subscriptions, with an extension, the 30GB Chilimobil subscription at NOK 299 is the cheapest. However, note that this campaign is listed as a “limited time” campaign, with an initial quota of 20GB.

Throw hundreds of notes
Throw hundreds of notes

The most expensive

We have traditionally set NOK 500 in the third table, but have now stopped setting a cap to include all subscriptions – without this appearing to affect the bottom line from previous price checks.

There are many players who offer you free data for a much lower price – down to NOK 349. Note a few things first:

  • All free data subscriptions give you around 100GB at a certain speed, before later being reduced to 3Mbps. It is still enough to stream video and the like on a mobile phone.
  • Some operators have several types of free data subscriptions, depending on how fast you need to start. Therefore, we expanded the last table with an additional column for the maximum speed, given in megabits per second (Mbps):
  • Also note that most of these subscriptions do not allow you to use your entire data quota outside Norway, but within the EU/EEA borders.
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If you’re running at 20Mbps, you can get by for less with Chilimobil’s free standard data subscription. Here you get 20Mbps speed for the first 100GB you use, before the speed drops to 3Mbps. Subscription also includes 41GB for use within the EU/EEA.

Throw hundreds of notes

Happybytes, which charges an additional NOK 49, has no speed limit on its subscription, so you can theoretically get up to 1,000Mbps over the 5G network. You also get 8GB of data more than the others, but one of the lowest quotas in the EU – 33GB. You can’t order an additional SIM for this subscription either.

More than just price

As usual, we remind you that the monthly price is only part of the calculation. We’ve previously seen that prices vary significantly for other services, for example, if you need more data, use the phone outside the EEA borders or need an extra SIM card.

It’s been a while since we last checked, so some prices may have been adjusted since then, but you’ll probably get a good idea here:

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