Check if your PC can run Windows 11

Check if your PC can run Windows 11

Windows 11 will be released on October 5. If you’re interested in getting out early, you should see before that time if your PC can actually run Windows 11. As you know, the new version of the operating system has received a number of new system requirements, and they’ve been more ambiguous than the others.

If your PC is able to fully support Windows 11, you can check with the tool computer health check, Which is now available in a new version. Not only is it now available to everyone – not just those who participate in the Insider Program – but it will tell you now too Why Your PC can’t run Windows 11 and come up with suggestions on what to do with it.

You can download PC Health Check from here.

Lots of criticism even before launch

Microsoft has faced criticism from a number of sources, in part because the PC health check result was difficult to understand and was only available to members of the Insider Program. Hopefully this will improve somewhat with this latest update, but there are also other underlying issues.

For example, Microsoft has done this Much more difficult than before to change the default browser From its Edge to, say, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, to name a few. Since you can specify once and for all that all file types and protocols should be opened in the selected browser, in Windows 11 – at least in the trial version – you have to select them all separately.

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Try Windows 11 before launch?

Windows 11 testing is now easierBecause you no longer need to upgrade from Windows 10.

You don’t necessarily have to try Windows 11 to try Windows 11, oddly enough. For example, you can try a Linux distro designed for Windows 11 imitationBut know that the full version costs money.

This happens if your computer does not meet the requirements for Windows 11.

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