Chess, Magnus Carlsen | Carlsen’s Russian elections ended in violent outrage. Now warns him after the scandal

Chess, Magnus Carlsen |  Carlsen's Russian elections ended in violent outrage.  Now warns him after the scandal

All the lights turned to chess in the recent weeks after that Disclosures About the possible cheating of chess player Hans Niemann.

Following this, among others, Norwegian chess chief Joachim Berger Nielsen resigned his position After admitting cheating, the investigation into the situation between Magnus Carlsen and Niemann mentioned above continues.

Recently, the Russian Chess Federation published longer interview With former Carlsen’s second man in charge, Daniel Dubov, after the 26-year-old won the Russian Championship.

There, the Russian goes into more detail about the situation that created harsh conditions:

My view on the matter is simple. I don’t know Niemann at all, but I know Magnus well. It’s like a situation when someone with an impeccable reputation – in my opinion – who’s never been paranoid before comes up with accusations of cheating for the first time in his life, he says in the interview just before the Chess-Com-Report.

The interview was published on Thursday.

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– trusts Magnus

Dubov has come under fire for his secondary stint, which means helping with chess opening ideas, for the great Norwegian chess star, after he contributed to the Norwegian’s World Cup win against his Russian compatriot Jan Nepomnashi in December 2021.

– I don’t know where it comes from that a Russian cannot help a foreigner prepare for a title fight against a Russian. Not of a great mind, probably, as he said at the time.

So he got to know Carlsen, both on and off the chessboard. Dubov has also beaten the world number one on several occasions. The Russian clearly had no doubts about Carlsen’s assumptions:

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There are some things they like to speculate on, and I’ve heard stories of people speculating about cheating in the past. When discussed in private conversations, Magnus always suspected any cheating. But now he is accusing a player of cheating, who has already admitted that he had help earlier, says Dubov and continues:

I don’t know all the details, but I trust Magnus.

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– He never expressed himself as someone who doubted the credibility of the competitors who had defeated him in the past. At the same time, I see many people speculating that he was only disappointed to lose the match to Neiman. Half of the tournament’s players managed to beat Magnus, but he never accused either of us of cheating.

He also believes that Carlsen’s gut feeling can be trusted:

– Someone clearly thinks he has lost his temper. But I think it is a matter of principle. Which I have the impression that he is very confident of him.

Putin critic

Known for being outspoken, Dubov gained many fans after his statement about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It couldn’t get any worse for Russia. We cannot make up for this. What is happening is a disaster, the chess player told German magazine Der Spiegel in April.

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Hans Niemann’s mentor, Maxim Delogi, gave a keynote interview to Der Spiegel earlier this week. There is a strong response to Magnus Carlsen.

– There will be a lawsuit. If I had to expect, I’d say Hans would sue. I’ve been advised on this of course. I keep my options open. I’m ready to fight.

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