Chess, Magnus Carlsen | Nieman thinks he has a big problem: – The headwind is too massive

Chess, Magnus Carlsen |  Nieman thinks he has a big problem: - The headwind is too massive

Last week, it became known that Hans Niemann is suing Magnus Carlsen, Daniel Rench and Hikaru Nakamura, as well as Play Magnus Group and

The 19-year-old chess player is demanding $100 million and claims the cheating allegations are defamatory. His lawyers believe that “Neman’s life was destroyed” as a result of the allegations.

However, case law in similar cases shows that Neiman and his attorney face a very difficult task in winning, he writes Bloomberg.

It is possible that Neiman will have to prove that Carlsen knew he was making false accusations of cheating.

Bay: – Little danger to Carlsen

Torstein Bae, a chess expert at NRK who is himself a lawyer on a daily basis, says he evaluates the case in a similar fashion.

– It turns out that for Niemann as a public figure it doesn’t matter if he can show that false allegations have been made. He must also show that Magnus already knew he wasn’t right when he said this. That’s what makes cliff-climbing so huge for him, Bay tells Nettavizen, and continues:

– As I understand from American lawyers, there are very few public figures who have been able to win this type of lawsuit.

In a longer thread on Twitter, Brodie Butland of the US Attorney wrote about the issue:

Bay believes Niemann has a better chance of winning against the other parties in the case – including, who has prevented him from competing.

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– I see some US lawyers think that might be the case, but for Magnus this seems very safe. There is little danger to Magnus, says Bay, as I consider it.

Attention can open new doors

The reason Niemann’s claim is $100 million is because he thinks he’s missing out on income and opportunities to compete. Bey agrees with him, but does not ignore that all the attention can also open new doors for the 19-year-old.

– He has become one of the big names in the world of chess and a well-known person far from the world of chess, so it is not inconceivable that some opportunities will also arise as a result of this, says Bey.

However, it is primarily believed that the case caused significant damage to Niemann’s reputation.

Many people in the world know that Hans Niemann is a con man. Niemann’s main problem is that he admitted cheating. If he had now stood in this storm and had been able to prove his complete innocence, he would have stood infinitely stronger. But when he says he didn’t cheat as much as they claim, it’s a little weak.

Chess cheating accusations have given the sport of an insane amount of exposure in recent weeks, but Bey is divided on whether the case is positive or negative for the sport.

On the one hand, you could say that there is a lot of interest and that a lot of people turn their eyes to chess and that its drama can happen in many ways – including cheating, but it can obviously be negative in other ways as well.

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– If people associate chess with cheating, it can happen that someone says “I don’t know if I wanted it, because everyone cheats on me and what’s the point of getting better, if I’m playing against cheating popes anyway?”

However, Bae realizes that it is too late to highlight the cheating, take the problem seriously and try to get rid of dishonest players.

In any case, he thinks it will be more difficult to prove that Neiman cheated than he admits.

– What we currently have are such statistical analyzes, in which there is a great deal of disagreement among scientists. Some believe that they can see very consistent traits and non-human traits, while others argue that they do not see anything statistically strange, nor non-human traits.

– This is where we are now – there are many different points of view about it, but it is not easy to reach a clear conclusion, unless you can reveal something in more detail. For example, communication between Niemann and some assistants or knowing how this happens. The case could become a potential thorn in the side for many years, with the extent of this cheating for Niemann unclear, Bey predicts.

This is how the chess brawl began

The affair began when Hans Niemann defeated Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the Cincofield Cup Grand Prix in America’s St. Louis in September.

Carlsen responded by withdrawing from the tournament the next day. The decision was accompanied by a vague message on Twitter, where the Norwegian attached a video in which director of football Jose Mourinho said: “If I say something, I’m in trouble.” It was soon interpreted as Carlsen implying that Neiman had cheated.

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Niemann was subsequently banned from He admitted that he cheated on the site when he was 12 and 16 years old. However, he denied that he cheated Carlsen.

Ten days later they met again during the 7th Chess Tournament of this year’s Chess Tour. There, Carlsen purposely lost after only two moves. Later in the tournament, Carlsen first spoke of a chess brawl. After that, he neither confirmed nor denied the fraud rumors. The Norwegian was later criticized by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) for his performance.

Cheating report

After the tournament, Carlsen released a statement accusing Neiman of cheating more times and more recently than he admitted. This led Fide to launch an investigation into Carlsen and Niemann. Niemann is being investigated for possible fraud, Carlsen for possible false accusations.

Exactly one month after Carlsen withdrew from the Sincofield Cup, the Wall Street Journal reported that an investigation by shows Neiman “may have cheated” in more than 100 chess matches.

The report alleged, among other things, that Neiman cheated on the Norwegian chess team “Norweg Gnomes” in the Pro Chess League in 2020. Neemann dismissed the accusations in an interview the next day.

On the same day, the head of Norwegian chess, Joachim Berger Nielsen, came out and admitted cheating to NRK. The next day he resigned.

On Tuesday, Magnus Carlsen spoke for the first time after the lawsuit became known.

“I focus on chess anyway, and that won’t be used as an excuse no matter how things go,” said Carlsen. NRK In Iceland before the Chess World Cup Fischer in Reykjavik.

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