Chet Hanks: – The famous son is raging against the vaccine

Chet Hanks: - The famous son is raging against the vaccine

Chester “Chit” Hanks (31 years old) is the son of actors Tom Hanks (65 years old) and Rita Wilson (64 years old). Chet’s father became known all over the world when he took the lead role in the movie “Forrest Gump”, after which he received many awards for his achievements.

In addition to acting, the mother excelled as a film producer and produced, among other things, both the movie “Mamma Mia”.

Despite his parents’ achievements and success, Chet is now the center of attention. And it’s not because of his new single “White Boy Summer” – but rather because of some sexy statements on social media.

Many foreign media reports, among other things And! NewsAnd Los Angeles Times And CNN.

Injured: Andreas Osteroy, better known from Ex on the Beach, contracted the coronavirus while on a weekend trip to Poland. Video: red carpet / special
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This week, Chet started posting a video on her Instagram profile. In the video, he says he’s been a bit unsure about the coronavirus vaccine for a while, but knows some who’ve had the virus recently. This is in addition to the high infection rates in general, which prompted him to take the vaccine, and also encouraged everyone to do the same.

– We have to take care of each other and control this nonsense here, he says.

Then the whole thing takes a turn.

The 31-year-old goes from speaking softly and holding the camera to yelling, clasping and turning madly in his eyes.

If nothing is damaged, don’t fix it. He shouts, and goes on:

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– I’ve never had the virus. They don’t stab me with the damned needle. It’s a fucking flu. Get rid of it!

Serum: Comedian Olivia Rodrigo was invited to the White House to encourage American youth to get the Corona vaccine. Video: Dagbladet TV. Reporter: Julie Tran
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Chet went on to say that those in the danger group should stay inside, and he ended the entire sermon by saying he was tired of wearing a face mask.

Show some respect

It is no wonder that the famous son’s sayings have attracted many attention and reactions. In particular, there are many who react to the fact that, at the beginning of the epidemic, his parents themselves suffered from the disease.

In the comments section, the 31-year-old faces a lot of opposition:

“Brother, your father was one of the first to contract the virus.. shake your head.”

“Really? I am glad you think this is a joke and that the worst thing for you is to wear a face mask.”

“Does dad agree with the letter here?”

direction: This TikTok trend is creating reactions. Doctors and experts now fear that it will heighten skepticism about coronary vaccines. Video and reporter: Klaus Holm Fjellro / Dagbladet TV. Music: Epidemicsound.
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“You… your parents were infected with the virus. Show some respect to the families of the 600,000 who have died as a result of this virus,” one wrote, referring to the death toll in the United States.

Rita and Tom were among the first celebrities to share with the public that they had contracted the Corona virus. That was in March of last year.

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