Children played in the autumn sun and participated in events. Then came the neo-Nazis.

Children played in the autumn sun and participated in events.  Then came the neo-Nazis.

As police and protesters clashed further in the street, it became clear that Children’s Culture Day had to end.

Children enjoyed the autumn sun at Universitätskata on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, members of the Nordic Resistance Movement arrived.

In their march through Oslo on Saturday, neo-Nazis protesting the Nordic Resistance walked through Universitätskata. There, an entirely new initiative brought together children and actors to play and enjoy the autumn sun.

They had to leave quickly as a group of National Socialists, masked and dressed in black, marched down the street.

Øystein Aurlien tells Aftenposten. He is the general manager of Tullinsambarbeit, which works with cultural actors and local businesses to create more life on Universitetsgata.

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Members of a neo-Nazi organization were arrested in central Oslo

For the first time, “Kulturlördag” was to be organized. Two weeks ago, they got permission to close parts of the street to car traffic. There, children can express themselves through pop-up theater and activities.

Sponsored by the drama duo, the children painted the street with chalk.

– It was great to see the kids having so much fun, it was such a good atmosphere. Universitetsgata was transformed into a lively bustling street, Aurlien says.

But then the sound of drums was heard. He went down to Carl Johannes Gate to see what was going on.

– That’s when I saw these green flags. And all masked men, he says.

The children had to be moved quickly when the anti-Nordic movement marched through the closed street. Children were busy painting and decorating the road with chalk.

A new game

He informs the theater duo that a neo-Nazi group is headed their way. They quickly told the children that they were going to play a new game and moved them all to the steps outside the old National Gallery.

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Then masked Nazis marched in. They raised slogans in praise of National Socialism.

– They trampled on maps and everything that was on the street, Orlean says.

He describes it as “terrifying”.

Aftenposten also observed that children were taken aside.

As police and demonstrators clashed up Universitetsgata, it became clear that the day had to come to an end.

– There were dogs and knives. So we told the parents to call it quits and canceled the programs. Orleans says this is the only safe and proper course of action.

35 people who participated in the protest were arrested on Saturday. There was heavy police security and a tense atmosphere at times.

Here, the anti-Nordic movement marches to the Universitätskata and towards the children who were playing.
Police arrested several demonstrators on Universitetsgata when they refused to follow police orders. Howling and barking of police dogs led to noise and insecurity.

Had to finish tomorrow

According to the police, many of the demonstrators were not Norwegian. Also coming from Denmark and Sweden, writes Filter Nyheter.

– On the most beautiful fall day in years, Orlean says, it’s sad that they come here to Oslo to destroy.

– I get angry and angry. What exactly do they want to achieve?

Even if the day doesn’t go as planned, they continue their work to bring Universitätskata to life.

– but it was clear that many of the children were sad to have to go home so soon. So are we, he insists.

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