– Children should be protected from scrolling, social media and screen time. But what about us adults?

– Children should be protected from scrolling, social media and screen time.  But what about us adults?

Age limit should be higher on social media.

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What is the latest What do you do before you sleep?

Do you listen to podcasts? Play mindless mobile games until you drop. Scrolling through TikTok and giving unfortunate likes while half asleep.

All sleep specialists, Something, back in bed, disturbed. They've been giving us the same advice for a decade:

Don't look at your phone for too long before going to sleep.

You should keep it out of the bedroom.

But is there anyone who actually does it?

For many of us, the screen is everywhere. Even in sleep.

It should not be like this Our children have it.

Prime Minister Jonas Kahrstor, certainly active on his mobile, has promised to help Norwegians be strict parents this summer.

According to NRK journalists, Storr was not far away from his mobile phone while he was talking about the dangers of social media to children.  Here the Prime Minister took a selfie in Karasjok last year.

He needs Absolute age limit For social media, with electronic identity. You may soon need to have a bank ID to use TikTok and Snapchat.

It comes down to the government National recommendation on mobile phone ban In Norwegian schools.

The Labor Party, and now Storr himself, has become the dad of the 90s, telling you to turn off the TV and watch too much, despite your protests.

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Lies and cheating, of course. I know that now.

The 90s version of us must be aware of how much screen time we have saved up.

Recently I came across a thread that referred to watching TV as taking a break from the screen.

“Watching TV these days is like reading a book,” said the main character.

Yes, all sleep specialists are the same.  Put the phone down before going to sleep.  But will anyone do it?

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Doctor says we waste 11 years of our life. “Is that how you want to spend your time?

I don't watch TV anymore. At some point in the last few years I started scrolling at the same time. Otherwise I am very restless.

Nope, square in the eye I won't be. In contrast, we are more stressed and anxious, sleep worse and focus worse throughout our screen time.

So, sorry, store:

Best with a ban on children On social media, but could the age limit be raised a little more? Up to 35 years, anyway.

My experience is that setting limits for children is much easier than setting limits for yourself.

I refused to let my children play on mobile phones, I sat with my nose on mobile phones.

There are plenty of them Excuse me. During a day, adults have many things to do on their mobile phones.

Once you're mobile, the path to scrolling is short.

There are work emails to check, messages to make deals. Shopping lists to write, news to read.

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Once I look at my phone, the path to scrolling is incredibly short.

It really is anyway. I don't know how many scroll breaks I had while writing this text.

How many breaks did you have while studying?

Scary stuff Of course, the time spent on mobile is holding us back.

Can be done recently B.A Tell that to Fillingsdalen High School, which introduced a mobile phone ban last fall.

Headmaster Trond Botnen in Fyllingsdalen is also very satisfied with the mobile phone ban he introduced.

Now, after one school year, Principal Trond Bodnen can claim the number of failing students has been cut in half. Some received grades two and three, and others received grades four, five, and six. The increase was 30 percent in six years.

After just one year, it may be premature to conclude that the mobile phone ban is the only reason. But it seems logical that it might have worked.

It makes one think: What can I do if I put my phone away?

Adults should save ourselves. It is enough for the Prime Minister to save the youth – if he does it thoroughly. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority and others are skeptical about the store's ageism, potential privacy violations, and more.

But if we really think Mark Zuckerberg and China's methods are harmful, we adults need to protect ourselves too.

Imagine if I knew how many hours I would sit in front of a screen in the 90s.

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Daniel shares photos daily. Then he began an experiment.

What we don't want is a scenario where future generations are able to get rid of their mobile addiction while their cognitive abilities are diminished.

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Summer vacation is first A chance to break the vicious scrolling circle.

Many of us aim to put the phone away for a few weeks, and there are very few good reasons to take it out.

How many books can I read? How much can I lower my heart rate?

This experiment comes with the bonus of allowing me to see pictures of other people's seemingly wonderful summer days. Images that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Let's begin One time.

Now you are done reading. good Please hang up!

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