Chill blast creates a big problem for NM races: – a bit critical point

Chill blast creates a big problem for NM races: – a bit critical point

The participant starts with the men’s and women’s ski swaps program in Gjøvik. The women’s race was supposed to start at 10:30 am. One hour before the scheduled start time, the jury convened.

There it was decided to postpone.

“We now have 24.5 degrees in the coldest place on the road,” it was announced afterwards. The operating limit is minus 18 degrees.

Race leader Ole Henrik Evensen stated that a new temperature measurement will be taken at the Vind ski resort at 11 am on Saturday morning. Then, a new decision will be made about whether the pitfalls can be implemented.

critical point

– We really hope that when the sun comes out, it will be warm enough. We believe it,” race leader Evensen tells NTB.

He asserts that certain parts of the track are much colder than others.

– We have a stream valley that is always cold and, unfortunately, many trails go down there. It’s a bit of a tipping point, Evensen says.

– We have now taken measurements in eight to ten places. He adds that we walk with thermometers attached to the poles.

After the judging panel meets at 11 a.m., it will be decided if the women’s race can take place.

There will be a final decision on this matter. We’ll see what happens next in the boys’ race, says Evensen.

Substitutions are at risk

When asked by NTB, he allowed the women’s race to be cancelled, while the men’s race would continue later in the day. At the same time, the start of the men’s race cannot be moved forward, as it is expected to get colder again as the evening approaches.

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On Sunday, there are men’s and women’s relay races in Gjøvik. There have also been reports of freezing temperatures. In addition, the relays are already set to start at 9 o’clock, which can cause even more headaches for the regulators.

– I don’t want to think that far, but it doesn’t look promising, says race leader Evensen.

The men’s national team coach, Eric Mir Nsoum, was under the weather when he spoke to NTB.

– we will see. It could be anything from a cancellation to a short course, Nasum said.

He also confirmed that the start of the relays could also be delayed. Meanwhile, the weather forecast is pointing to more degrees below zero on Sunday.

National team runner Emil Iversen announced to Adressa on Saturday that he will not be participating in Sunday’s NM relay due to the extreme cold. Tronder had been ill recently and didn’t want to risk more health problems on the way to a restroom in Planica.

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