China, Coronavirus | The alarm is sounding worldwide due to the Corona wave in China

China, Coronavirus |  The alarm is sounding worldwide due to the Corona wave in China

So far, no such development has been recorded, but previous experiences indicate that China is not very communicative when it comes to the occurrence of Corona in its country. Many now fear that the Chinese authorities will not inform the rest of the world quickly enough, should new variants of Corona emerge.

The United States announced on Wednesday that it would introduce a requirement for passengers from China to test negative. The reason was the large increase in infection in the Chinese community and the lack of information about the taxa that were registered.

Uncertainty and turmoil

Japan introduced the requirement for negative tests earlier this week with the same rationale.

The head of Taiwan’s epidemic center, Wang Peisheng, said Thursday that all the uncertainty surrounding what is happening is causing concern among the authorities. From January 1, a negative test will also be required when entering Taiwan from China. About 30,000 residents are expected to return from New Year’s Eve celebrations on the mainland later in the month.

– We have an epidemiological situation in China that we have no insight into. The information is limited and not always accurate, Wang told the AP.

India, South Korea, Malaysia and Italy are other countries that introduce requirements to test negative for passengers from China. In Germany, health authorities are following developments closely, but no concrete measures have yet been implemented.

– We have no indication that a more dangerous variant appeared during this recent surge in China, and therefore there are no travel restrictions either, says Health Ministry spokesman Sebastian Goldy.

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requiring information

Last week, the World Health Organization called for more information about the spread of the disease, hospitalizations and the need for emergency assistance. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said it was difficult to make a comprehensive analysis of what was happening without more information from China.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said last week that China has always shared information with the World Health Organization in a responsible manner. Another spokesperson said foreign coverage of developments in China was biased and politically motivated.

China abruptly stopped most Corona measures earlier in December, which led to the virus spreading rapidly through the population. Since the outbreak of the severe disease in Wuhan in early 2020, China has seen relatively few cases of infection.


Miles Yeo says the global unrest is due in part to the sudden reversal and suspicion that China is not completely in control of developments. He is the chair of the China Center at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington.

“You can’t undo a full lockdown and quarantine for a long time, and then suddenly unleash hordes of infected people into the world and potentially cause even greater spread elsewhere,” says Yu.

In China, the spread of infection has led to drug shortages, long waiting lists for admissions, and emergency departments having to turn away patients. Chinese radio and television have not made any of this a big issue and accuse the Western media of exaggerating what is happening.

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