China cuts off contact with the Pentagon – VG

China cuts off contact with the Pentagon - VG

China cuts off communications with the US military. This could escalate the conflict in Taiwan to a critical point, according to Reuters.


The news agency quoted security analysts, diplomats and US officials in this regard.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced new measures against the United States, including canceling phone calls and future meetings between China and the two US defense ministers. CNN.

According to Reuters, China is no longer responding to inquiries from the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense.

China is also suspending cooperation with Washington when it comes to the return of illegal immigrants, cooperation in criminal matters, and the fight against cross-border crime, CNN writes.

The measures will also include suspending the planned climate negotiations between the two countries.

USA: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

According to China’s People’s Daily, which shares the Communist Party’s views, China’s actions against the United States are “effective measures that show that China is determined and capable of protecting the nation, its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” as Reuters wrote.

This is in addition to Sanctions against US politician Nancy Pelosias a result She visited Taiwandespite of China advised not to.

The background is that China fears that self-governing Taiwan will demand full independence and receive support from the United States. China believes that Taiwan is part of China, and wants to “unify” the island with the mainland.

The US Secretary of State has called Chinese military exercises off Taiwan Too provocative, which did not get along with the Chinese.

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Virtual Press Conference: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken holds talks with Philippine Foreign Minister Enrique Manalo.

Philippine Foreign Minister Enrique Manalo on Saturday told US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that the region cannot afford to escalate the conflict, Reuters writes.

Blinken said Saturday that relations between the two countries are strong, and that “the geopolitical situation today shows how important the relationship is between them.”

Blinken goes on to say that China’s latest actions indicate that the country is moving away from resolving the conflict peacefully, with a tendency toward the use of coercion and force.

Allegedly, China is conducting strike drills

Taiwan’s defense minister said on Saturday night that a large number of Chinese aircraft and ships had carried out exercises simulating an attack on the island. This is what the Reuters news agency wrote.

– Many parties with communist planes and ships are active around the Taiwan Strait, and some are across the center line, the minister said, according to the minister. Watchman.

Soldiers: Taiwanese soldiers during the country’s annual Han Kwang military exercise on July 28. The exercise simulates a response to enemy attacks on Taiwan.

Also on Friday, the foreign minister said that many planes and ships were spotted in the Taiwan Strait, some of them across the center line. According to the minister, there are 68 military aircraft and 13 ships.

The central line of the Taiwan Strait was previously considered an unofficial border between China and Taiwan. In 2020, China declared that the border does not exist, and since then it has been repeatedly crossed by Chinese ships.

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The map shows the Taiwan Strait, a maritime area between China and Taiwan, where China conducts its ongoing military exercises.

On Friday, Taiwan’s president made a statement saying that Taiwan was “ready to respond.”

The government and military are closely monitoring China’s military exercises and information warfare, and are ready to respond if necessary. I ask the international community to support democratic Taiwan and stop any escalation of the security situation in the region, you write about Twitter account.

Supposedly he fired missiles over Taiwan

On Thursday, China launched several missiles into the sea around Taiwan, in the Taiwan Strait. This is related to the continuous large movement Chinese military exercise.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that four missiles flew over the Taiwanese capital, Taipei. Reuters writes this.

Paul Medford is Professor of Political Science at Meiji Gakuen University in Yokohama. Previously, he worked in the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU.

Medford believes that the missiles over Taiwan should be a symbolic act because China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate country, and thus the airspace belongs to China.

“This escalates the conflict, but at this point I don’t think an armed conflict will arise,” Medford told VG Friday.

A symbolic act: Paul Medford believes that the missiles fired over the capital, Taipei, are a sign that China believes that Taiwan’s airspace belongs to it. Photo: private

A Chinese expert and professor at the Ministry of Defense Studies told VG on FridayAnd the Øystein Tunsjø, It’s no surprise that China fired on Taiwan.

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– He said that this is the largest Chinese military exercise ever, and a dangerous situation, but it should not be blown up.

Uses the situation: The interesting thing is that China is using the situation to test its military, Austin Tonsjo says. Photo: Hanna Kristen Haggardar / VG

Tunsjø says that in recent years, Chinese bombers and fighters have been increasingly seen entering ADIZs outside the airspace of Japan and Taiwan.

– When you enter these areas you must report, but China does not. Then Japan and Taiwan will have to step things up – this is not unusual, but the scale here is huge. Norway does the same against Russia, but not often, says the expert.

– Explains that if China enters the airspace or sea of ​​Taiwan, the conflict will escalate further.

Taiwan’s foreign minister said the missiles over Taipei were so high in the air that they posed no threat.

BBC He also writes that Chinese state media have reported that missiles flew over Taiwan. This will be the first time that missiles cross the country.

Tension between Japan and China is increasing. Read the case here:

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Taiwan sends planes and ships: – Japan is trying to take part in the battle

Taiwan is preparing and is “ready to respond.” At the same time, tension between China and Japan is growing.

This is the struggle over Taiwan:

  • The conflict dates back to the Civil War in China. When the Communists were victorious in 1949, the Nationalists took a base in Taiwan.
  • China still considers Taiwan a rebellious province and condemns any move toward independence.
  • Taiwan is a democratic, self-governing country with a population of 24 million. The government wants there steps towards more formal independence.
  • In 2016, Taiwan refused to accept China’s doctrine that Taiwan is part of “one China,” and Beijing cut off all official communications.
  • China is boycotting all countries that recognize Taiwan as an independent country. Norway does not recognize Taiwan.
  • The United States also does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country, but it does have a role as a protective power.

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