January 27, 2023


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China: Students Invent 'Invisibility Cloak' |  hv news

China: Students Invent ‘Invisibility Cloak’ | hv news

It might look like straight out of a Harry Potter book. The students’ recent invention, which they call “InvisDefense,” has been getting a lot of attention from the national authorities. Although the clothes are not invisible to the naked eye, they have the power to hide people from the country’s vast surveillance culture.

China’s surveillance systems are the most comprehensive in the world. There are cameras on almost every street corner in major cities and many counties have introduced their own facial recognition systems to track the activities of both residents and outsiders.

to me Amnesty International China is a leading developer of surveillance and censorship technology and is actively using this to control its population at the expense of human rights.

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There is no far distance between every surveillance camera in the city of Beijing. Now Chinese students are said to have developed clothing that makes them “invisible” to the technology used to identify people from animals and objects. Photo: Greg Baker/AFP

Received a research award

The invention recently won a research competition sponsored by Huawei Technologies, which again has clear links to the Chinese government.

The technology students were from Wuhan University, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP) Making a jacket uses methods to confuse it Artificial intelligence (CI) Cameras are used to identify people from animals and objects. The cloak did not render the wearer invisible, but it did render the AI ​​unable to recognize them as human.

– Nowadays, many security agencies can detect people. Road cameras have pedestrian detection and smart cars have the ability to detect pedestrians, roads and obstacles. Our InvisiDefense makes cameras detect you, but not that you are a person, Professor Wang Zheng tells SCMP. He was the students’ supervisor during the process.

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New camouflage options

During the day, the cloak uses a special camouflage pattern, confusing the algorithms used by the cameras. At night, AI-controlled cameras use infrared light to identify heat from people. The cloak technology then creates an unusual temperature pattern, confusing the cameras and preventing them from recognizing the cloak wearer as a human.

– This is the first product in the industry that can avoid human activity detection and at the same time not attract attention with the naked eye. Through on-campus tests, pedestrian detection accuracy has been reduced by 57 percent. Wang says this number may be higher in the future.

He believes that the tests show that there are still gaps in the development of artificial intelligence and that the results may be important for future researchers to improve artificial intelligence. He notes that the technology could also be used militarily to avoid drones or human-machine encounters on the battlefield.