China’s ‘toilet revolution’: protests against the regime in public spaces

Einar Hammer
Toilet revolution. Screenshot: Twitter


A protester hung banners criticizing the regime before the start of the Communist Party Congress. It was the start of a silent national protest: the “toilet revolution.”

The banners created a wave, and anonymous messages appeared in everything from graffiti in public toilets to posters on buses and airdrops to messages critical of the system, he writes. France 24.

“Xi Jinping Emperor Without Borders,” written in black letters on a small white label. They have appeared on public transportation, on billboards and on bike rental benches across China.


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Someone who wants to remain anonymous says they have a pocket label printer and it’s cheap to buy. He hangs protests in crowded places so no one sees. At first he was afraid, but his fear disappeared and now he stops 10 protests every day.

In the People’s Republic of China, criticism of politicians, especially President Xi Jinping, is punishable by imprisonment. The Communist Party unanimously re-elected him to loud applause. For this reason, there was little criticism. But three days before the re-election, two banners were hung on one of Beijing’s main roads. They criticized “dictator Xi” and the health situation in China. It was said that the activist was arrested, but his fate is unknown. All photos and comments about the protest were censored by Chinese social media.

But it ignited the “toilet revolution”. The anonymous person tells France24 that the pocket printer is easy to carry and hide from cameras; It can be printed quickly, which is why the pocket printer is the best choice for placing labels in public places. But he wouldn’t be surprised if China eventually bans pocket printers.

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