Chocolate, Orkla | Stratos sued Freya – he was banned from selling the bubble

Chocolate, Orkla |  Stratos sued Freya – he was banned from selling the bubble

(electronic newspaper) Orkla believes that the packaging design of Freia's Bubble chocolate is a violation of Nidar's Stratos packaging. So they want to impose a ban on the marketing and sale of bubble chocolate with the current packaging.

The ruling was issued on Friday, and it was decided to ban Modelez Norge AS from marketing and selling Freia Bobble chocolate in the current packaging.

– We are very surprised that the Oslo District Court seems to have changed the state of the law in trademark and marketing law, completely ignoring the assessment of both the Patent Office and the Board of Appeal. We completely disagree with the court's assessment and will naturally appeal the ruling,” says Øyvind Olofsen, Communications Director at Freia.

Don't disappear now

In addition, Freya must pay compensation of NOK 20 million plus interest, plus NOK 12.2 million in legal costs. However, the company is clear that it will not withdraw the chocolate from the market immediately.

– We will continue as we are now until the final ruling is issued. All Bubble fans will be able to purchase their favorite chocolates in the future as well.

At the beginning of April, two of Norway's most powerful brands met in Oslo District Court. The owner of Nidar Orkla has taken legal action against the owner of Freia Mondelez because he believes Stratosen is threatened.

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-We think “Boble” is very similar to “Stratos”. Mondelez disagrees, which is why we are now meeting in court,” said Orkla communications director Elizabeth Andestad Eckheim. To Nettavisen next.

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Orca rejoices

For its part, Orcla, the owner of Stratos, expressed its happiness with the court’s decision.

As for the Kampanje industry site, Elisabeth Andestad Eckheim does not hide her satisfaction.

“We are truly thrilled,” says Elizabeth Andstad Eckheim, communications director at Orkla Confectionary & Snacks.

When Nettavisen asked Ekheim if this should be taken as a jab at Freya, she simply replied:

– Of course, this shows that we are happy to win all the points.

She believes many agreed with Orcla on this issue, and that this case represents a victory for the entire industry.

– Mondelez announced that it will appeal the case. How does Orkla approach him?

– We are happy to have won all the points, replies Eckheim.

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– But are you ready for another round in court?

– I will not speculate on this matter now. Now we are happy with the court's decision and that we have achieved complete victory.

After the interview, Eckheim also added this about whether Orkla is ready for a new round in court if Mondelez appeals the ruling:

– We are ready for that, but we hope that it will not be necessary.

– big success

Bobble is Freia's direct competitor for the Stratos, and last year's relaunch was, according to the manufacturer, a smashing success. The product has been off shelves since 2017.

“When we relaunched Bobble in September, we hoped it would be well received by consumers, but this exceeds all expectations,” Mondelez's Manaik Matelir said in a press release at the time.

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